Monday, August 8, 2011

Marriage Monday - Letting Him Lead

If we are all really honest here, we would admit that sometimes it is so hard to let our husbands lead.

We are home all day, we know how things are ran.

We gave birth to the children, we know what is best for them.

We balance the check book, we know how the money should be spent.

We live in a society that says 'it's your life, do what you want, make your own choices.'  But what does the Bible say?

"But I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God." 1 Corinthians 11:3

The Word does not tell us that we are to let our husbands use us as a doormat.  He is not to lord over us and 'boss' us around.  But he is to be the head of the house hold.  How can we obey Christ and let him be the head?

Let your husband lead.

If he is used to you making all of the decisions, try turning some of them over to him.  When you go to make a purchase or pay bills, ask his opinion.  If he does not agree with what you were thinking, be willing to let it go and do it his way this time.  If he normally tries making the decisions but you always cut him off, try stepping back and giving him more room in this area.

When the kids act up do you automatically take over as the disciplinary or maybe your husband tries to but you do not like the way he does it so you step in?  Try stepping back and letting him handle it on his own.  Be there as a silent support for him.  (If your husband gets too physical in this area, pray for him first and foremost.  Then in private have a gentle discussion with him about it.  He may prefer you take this over for awhile or together you may seek the help of a Christian counselor in this area.)

When it comes to family prayer time or Bible study time, let him lead the prayer.  If this is not something he normally does, ask him if he would please lead the family prayer time.  If he says he is not comfortable with it yet, pray that God would give that confidence.  Then a few weeks later, ask him again.

Our men want to lead, that is how God created them. 

They want us to be their support, not their head.

Sweet Blessings~

*Over the next couple of weeks we will talk about how to truly respect our husbands so join us next Monday for more marriage talk!


  1. I have always tried to let my husband lead. But, I confess since he's been traveling so much these last 2 years it's been harder. I'm doing it all the time and he's not here and suddenly he's here trying to "take over" (that's what it feels like). Anyway, it's something I have to be really conscious of until things settle down again. The other thing I've been doing is when he disciplines the children I'm cutting in and correcting him... working on it! I'm thankful for God's correction and His Word that guides. Great post :)

  2. Awesome ideas thank you sister, I'm working on it as well. I'm learning that I need to not cut in and correct him when he's trying to correct our kids so much. I'm a work in progress!

  3. Jenifer, I do believe that our husbands want to lead, that God made them that way. So why do we struggle with letting them lead? And why do they struggle with stepping up to lead? Could it be because of sin? God created order, but sin brought chaos. Great post and I look forward to the series.

  4. Hi Jenifer - We don't have to trust our husbands to lead well, we have to trust God with our husbands and do as the word says and let them lead. Not easy, but when we let go and trust God, He works in ways in our husbands that we could never have imagined. Great post
    God bless

  5. As a recovering control freak, I am constantly in need of taking an inventory and making sure that I am not attempting to take over and lead. Sometimes, I catch myself and need to step back. I also pray that my husband will feel more confident in this role as leader.


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