Friday, April 29, 2011

Change your focus

The dishes need done. There's laundry to fold. The beds need made and the living room is a mess. On top of all that the kids are screaming for attention. As you look to the sky you cry out to God. What's a girl to do after all, with all these demands circling around you.

Consider it pure joy, and throw the chores out the window. You only live once and your kids want you to play with them. When we turn our eyes to Jesus our focus changes. Suddenly that pile of laundry doesn't seem so big and the dishes don't seem so numerous. The beds can wait and the living room is a mess because your family is thriving.

I'm not saying chores aren't important, (I am a cleaning crazy person after all, smiles) I'm just saying maybe they can wait. I'm learning this day to day. I was a little lost as to ways to keep my children entertained but it's all about being creative so here's a few tips that I've found.

*Shaving cream fun*
Buy a cheap can of shaving cream and cover your kitchen table in it. Let your children go crazy drawing pictures and getting their hands all gooey. It's a giant mess but it makes your kitchen smell good and the kids have a blast.

Bubbles are an easy cheap fun way to keep the kids of any age busy. Take the kiddos outside and let them chase the bubbles as you blow them.

Balloons are also an easy cheap way to keep everyone entertained. They float around the living room without fuss or mess.

*Reading time*
If your kids are like mine, they love the sound of your voice. I could read my children the phone book and they'd sit and listen to me read (too bad they don't sit and listen when they are in trouble, smiles). I use reading time to let them sit on my lap, snuggle into my arms and I read them their children's Bible as well as the million other books they've acquired from who knows where lol. It's an awesome way to let Jesus into your day and it gives you some snuggle time in the midst of what could be a very crazy day.

Take time today to praise God for you're children and sit down and play with them for a while. I know God will bless that time you spend with them. Have a wonderful weekend dear friends.


  1. :) Love your ideas!! It is very important to me to have a clean and orderly home. But even more important it so show my family I am here for them. Thank you for this reminder.

  2. Great ideas! I've been praying that God would give you wisdom, and He is! It's all about our focus. We can be overwhelmed with life or overwhelmed with Jesus. I choose to keep my eyes on Jesus.

  3. Mine LOVE bubbles! And they can play for hours on end on the trampoline :-) Best $200 we ever spent!

  4. Great tips... have always wanted to do the shaving cream thing... maybe on the table outside :) with the hose nearby!


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