Sunday, June 16, 2024

It's Okay to Not Feel Okay | A Faith-Based Take on Feeling Under the Weather

 By: Paula Short

Let's face it: mornings don't always have sunshine and rainbows. Some days, when we wake up, we feel…yucky. It's not a full-blown illness, not depression, but a general sense of "blah. "Have you ever woken up with a feeling you can't explain? That hangs over you like a low-hanging cloud? Yeah, me too. This morning was one of those days. I dragged myself out of bed, unmotivated and with a vague sense of "blah. I was feeling down and wasn't feeling very well.

We all have these days. As Christians, we're conditioned to project a sense of joy and gratitude, and that's absolutely something to strive for! But what about when the well of happiness seems a little dry? Here's the thing: it's perfectly okay to not feel okay.

We just have down days. It's a part of life, and pretending to have sunshine and rainbows when you're feeling like a raincloud can feel inauthentic. But here's the beauty of our faith in God: even on those funky days, we can turn to Him.

That's exactly what I did. Prayer became my conversation with a loving friend. I didn't force positivity but instead expressed my blah feelings and sought solace. Worship music started playing in my head, and I found myself singing along. In that moment, I realized that praise isn't reserved for mountaintop experiences.

We can worship God through song, prayer, or even a grateful heart, no matter the circumstance. Think about it: birds sing even on cloudy days. Flowers bloom even after a storm. Our praise can be a constant in the ever-changing weather of our emotions.

Here's some encouragement for you, friend: down days are okay. They're a chance to lean into God's grace and experience the comfort of His presence even when we don't feel our best. And remember, worship is a powerful tool. It can lift our spirits, refocus our hearts, and remind us of God's unwavering love. So next time you feel "yucky," don't be afraid to sing, pray, or simply acknowledge God's presence. You might be surprised by the joy that breaks through the funk.

The beauty of our faith is that God doesn't expect us to be perpetually chipper. The Bible contains stories of people who struggled with doubt, fear, and sadness. King David, a man after God's own heart, penned some pretty despairing Psalms. The prophet Elijah, a mighty warrior for God, felt so discouraged he wanted to die (1 Kings 19:4).

Down days are a normal part of life. They can be an opportunity to lean into God's grace and experience the comfort of His presence even when we don't feel our best. Remember, God is with us always, even on those "yucky" days. So don't be afraid to acknowledge your feelings, talk to Him, and find solace in worship and His word.

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