Thursday, May 23, 2024

New Every Morning


By: Donna Bucher

Promising something new, each day in the garden provides delights which encourage my frequent visits. Astonished by the rapid changes of plants and flowers, I marveled at God’s intricate design for creation.

Considering the admonishment in James 4:14, reminded me like the garden, we know not what our life may reveal tomorrow. But one thing we know beyond all doubt: God gives mercies sufficient for today.

A hectic schedule combined with life’s demands often curtail my lingering in the garden daily. Which adds to my jubilant surprise at the new changes when time allows my visits.

Yet despite my thrill with all of the fresh splendor greeting me, a melancholy creeps over the scene. Each day in the garden awakens with yet unseen charms awaiting me, but how many go unnoticed?

Like the garden’s new offerings daily, God beckons me to a fresh encounter with Him each morning, where I find mercies sufficient for today.

Though the same plants and flowers return and bloom every year, their continual transformation and growth brings a new season. Reminding me to embrace new mercies for the day unfolding before me.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.


Lamentations 3:22-23


The dreaded rainy days nourish new growth along with sunny days and warmer temperatures. Yet the garden cannot sustain new growth on yesterday’s rain and sun alone. Nurtured by each day’s contributions, God cherishes His creation.

Welcoming God’s designed nourishment, the garden opens to its Creator day after day; so, we must receive a fresh revelation of His mercies for today.

My heart becomes thirsty for God’s Word, satisfied only when quenched by time spent drinking in its goodness.

Yesterday’s Living Water provides no refreshment for today. Like the manna gathered by the Israelites, I must seek nourishment daily. Rotted manna from the previous days cannot nourish my spiritual needs today.

God’s steadfast love promises not only His presence with you daily, but mercies sufficient for today. Each day brings new burdens, and your sovereign heavenly Father knows your exact need for this day.

His mercies come new every morning, because you are not promised tomorrow, nor hold knowledge of all this day portends.

Turning the eyes of your heart upon God at the start of your day reminds you of His steadfast, never-ending love for you.

Seeking a fresh revelation in His Word fortifies you for the day ahead, ensuring you remain in The Way. Nourishing you with mercies for new growth, strength, and spiritual transformation.

God’s invitation in the garden bids me consider not only how He nurtures creation, but the necessity of receiving His gifts daily. Creation displays His beauty in every sunrise, unfolding leaf, budding flower, and farewell sunset.

Do we receive His creative gifts daily?

Likewise, held in His steadfast love, we receive mercies sufficient for today as we seek the nourishment of His Word in the intimacy of covenant relationship. Resting in complete trust before our gracious Heavenly Father, every need for this day flows from His all-sufficient hands to ours.



How do you receive God’s new mercies each day?


How can you better seek Him in the freshness of each new day?

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