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Faith Turns Possibilities into Kingdom Opportunities


By: Donna Bucher

Sometimes we look for opportunities and sometimes they look for us. But one thing I know; negativity and the inability to court possibilities, blinds you to the opportunity of a lifetime. Born out of possibility, opportunity comes our way when we, by faith remain open to all God has for us each day.


Faith embraces possibilities with a passion for serving others, cracking wide open the door to the opportunity of a lifetime.


Many people use the terms, “possibility” and “opportunity” interchangeably. While similar, an important nuance separates them. When understood, we see the integral part faith plays in experiencing both possibility and opportunity in our lives.

For example, a possibility presents the potential for something to happen.

Recently, the possibility of adding more informative classes for new employees at my hospice agency invited discussion.

While possible, more classes may or may not develop.

Opportunity, on the other hand, indicates a specific offer or circumstance available for choice.

The discussion on adding more informative classes for new employees yielded an opportunity for me to teach a specific class at a specific time.

The opportunity promised a concrete option for me to accept or decline.

Possibility plants the seed, and when cultivated, yields fruitful opportunity.

Possibility represents the positive side of life; when coupled with faith, opportunities for Kingdom work become more available. Too often we not only limit opportunities for ourselves, but we limit God’s work through us when we fail to entertain the possibilities around us.


Preparing for the opportunity of a lifetime involves exploring possibilities. Not every possibility will become an opportunity, and not every opportunity is for you. But unless you explore the possibilities around you by faith, you cannot expect to find a meaningful opportunity.

Faith-filled possibilities often lead to God-sized opportunities tailor made for you.

As with my desire of using my God given gifts of writing and teaching, my limiting beliefs stunted my possibility exploration, leaving me with few possibilities and zero opportunities. God continued placing possibilities before me, but my lack of faith dismissed most without a second look.

If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.

Mark 9:23

Exploring Possibilities

Consider these easy ways for shifting limited possibility thinking into a faith fueled perspective.

Increase Awareness. Notice your present surroundings, people, and resources. Avoid ruminating over what failed in the past. Consider what is available to you now. Pray for God to increase your awareness of possibilities you may not yet see.

Remain Open. Even if you think of a possibility which scares you or seems too hard, stay open. Avoid a dismissive attitude about possibilities God brings to your attention. Bring the most outlandish possibilities to God in prayer; for they often result in the biggest opportunities.

Get Curious. Get up close and personal with possibilities; ask questions. Explore how the possibility may look as a reality. Investigate how you can make it happen, or simply obtain more information in general. Ask God for His perspective and more understanding about a particular possibility.

Be Brave. Dare to dream big Kingdom dreams. Faith not only takes the first step, it takes big and hard steps. Ask God to free you from limiting beliefs and small ambition. Surrender your will and determine to act on any possibility God turns into an opportunity.

Altering the way you view possibilities around you, strengthens your faith and removes limiting beliefs keeping you from receiving the opportunity of Kingdom work God has ordained for you.

Expect great things from God, Attempt great things for God.


William Carey

Truly embracing the opportunity of a lifetime comes, when by faith, you welcome the possibilities God places before you. When you seek awareness of His goodness offered, receive with open hands the gift of possibilities, with joyful curiosity examine all, and bravely step out with faith; then expect the opportunity of a lifetime.



What limiting belief keeps you from embracing the possibilities God brings your way?

What one step can you take today to change your timid mindset toward possibilities becoming Kingdom opportunities in your life?

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