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She Walks With Us | Finding Inspiration in the Women of the Bible


By: Paula Short

For centuries, the Bible has captivated readers with its tales of faith, resilience, and triumph. Yet, often overlooked are the remarkable women who grace its pages. From fearless leaders to loyal companions, these women offer powerful lessons that transcend time and resonate deeply with our modern lives.

Delving into their stories reveals a spectrum of experiences

Esther, the courageous queen,  risked her life to save her people. We learn about facing our fears and using our voices for justice.

Ruth, the unwavering daughter-in-law, who exemplified loyalty and devotion. We discover the beauty of compassion and selfless love.

Deborah, the wise prophetess and judge, led with strength and discernment. We gain insights into leadership, courage, and navigating challenging situations.

Mary, the humble handmaid, who became the mother of Jesus. We explore the depths of faith, surrender, and embrace unexpected blessings.

More Than Just Names

We often encounter these women as names on a page, but delving deeper reveals their struggles, triumphs, and profound contributions. Even the seemingly minor characters, like the unnamed woman at the well or the Canaanite woman who persisted in her pleas, offer glimpses into the complexities of human nature and the power of faith.

Lessons for Today

These women's stories are not relics of the past; they mirror our lives. We see reflections of our doubts in Rahab, our resilience in Ruth, and our unwavering hope in Mary. Their journeys offer invaluable lessons on:

Overcoming adversity: Whether facing societal norms, personal challenges, or external threats, these women teach us to find strength within ourselves and persevere through hardship.

Leading with courage: From Deborah's battlefield leadership to Esther's quiet determination, these women inspire us to step up and make a difference, even when faced with fear or uncertainty.

Living with faith: These women's stories testify to the power of faith, reminding us that even in the darkest moments, we are not alone and that God's presence guides us.

Each woman's story offers a unique perspective and valuable lessons. We can learn from Deborah's unwavering leadership, Esther's bravery in facing danger, and Rahab's willingness to redeem her past. We see the steadfast faith of Hannah, the fierce protectiveness of mothers like Jochebed, and the unwavering devotion of Mary Magdalene. These stories resonate across cultures and time, offering guidance and encouragement in our own journeys.

More Than Just Stories

They are living testaments to the power of faith, resilience, and the divine feminine. By studying their lives, we better understand ourselves, our faith, and our place in the world. So, let us open the pages of scripture with fresh eyes, ready to be inspired by the whispers of these remarkable women.

Today Let's Journal

  1. Choose a woman from the Bible. Identify a strength or quality she embodied. How can you cultivate that quality in your own life?
  2. Imagine encountering this woman today. What advice might she offer you?
  3. Reflect on how her story shapes your understanding of faith, courage, or any other personal theme.

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