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Holy Renewal Through Listening Part 2


By: Donna Bucher

This is the second in a two-part series on holy renewal through listening, if you haven’t read the first part you can do that HERE.

After moving slowly through holy renewal listening to the rhythms of the first three days of the Holy Week narrative, we pick up Day 4:

The Rhythm of Teaching, Conspiracy and Betrayal

During what we deem as Holy Week, Jesus spent time visiting his closest friends, Lazarus, Mary, and Martha, but He also spent time teaching.

As per His custom He taught the people, most notably, He gave His Olivet discourse on the end times (Luke 21:5-36) in addition to several debates with religious leaders. (Mark 11:27-Mark 12:44)

Sadly, during the time of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry to the close of the Temple debates, religious leaders conspired for the demise of Jesus. Judas, a ready participant agrees to a betrayal at the close of the Passover meal. (Matthew26:14-16Luke 22:5-6)

Foretelling His betrayal, sentencing and crucifixion, Jesus prepares not only His disciples, but us for the true Hope of holy renewal hidden in the teaching, conspiracy, and betrayal.

The Rhythm of the Upper Room

Prior to the Passover Feast, on Thursday of Holy Week, Christ celebrates the Last Supper with His disciples in the Upper Room. The intimacy of the night begins with the washing of the disciples’ feet illustrating love and forgiveness for all, including Judas.

Giving what is perhaps Jesus’ most intimate words to His disciples, He prepares them for His coming departure and a future void of His physical presence. (John 14:1-John 16:33)

Savoring the intimacy in the Upper Room invites us into a deeper understanding of the true Hope of holy renewal in Jesus’ departure.

The Rhythm of the Garden

Most poignant of all the stops of Holy Week, we witness the greatest battle in the Garden of Gethsemane. For there, Christ wrestles in every facet of His human form with His impending suffering and death; asking if the cup might pass.

But there in the garden, our Great High Priest becomes the sacrificial Lamb of God and willingly submits to becoming the atonement for His people once and for all as the true Hope of holy renewal.

The Rhythm of Crucifixion

The final stop, we witness the slaying of the Final Passover Lamb of God per tradition, at precisely 3:00 pm on what we call Good Friday.

Found “blameless” by Pilate, He nevertheless is offered as the Final Atonement for the people who rejected, mocked, and forsook Him.

Soaking in the scene of the crucifixion, we receive the true Hope of holy renewal in the precious blood of the Perfect Lamb of God which tore the veil of separation in two.

Ultimately accomplishing what the blood of bulls and goats could never do: present the people of God holy and blameless before the Throne.

This week, slowing down allows you time for stilling the distractions keeping you from God’s Word, God’s voice, and God’s Ways.

Instead, choose a final week of listening, reflecting and intimacy rooted in Love.

Because, when you slow down, reflect, and seek the rhythms of holy renewal through listening to the events of Holy Week, you find more of God.

More of God than you saw yesterday, and as much of God as you make time to see. Positioning you at the tomb not as one who mourns, but as one whose Hope emerges victorious.


Which particular Rhythm spoke most deeply to you?

Which Station of Holy Week do you need to spend more time visiting?

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