Thursday, September 7, 2023

Remembering These Moments


By: Donna Bucher

As of today, just 16 days officially remain to our summer of 2023! September 23rd will welcome the Autumnal Equinox ushering us into my very favorite season of the year, Autumn!


Though many of you perhaps already moved into autumn rhythms of school, work, and everyday routines, we DO have the chance to savor 16 more days of summer!


Sometimes we hurry into the next season, without fully taking advantage of savoring the season still yet to close. This week I encourage you to slow down, and savor summer's swan song.


I think these last days of summer are some of the best days altogether. Indulging in my favorite summer activities "one last time" is sweeter than the first time; perhaps because it IS the last time for a while anyway.


God truly desires we enjoy the goodness of each season, experiencing Him and lingering in gratitude for all the special moments and experiences full of His bountiful blessings. Think back over the uniqueness of your summer, and then seize the day and send off summer with Joy!


Send Off Summer Fun

Try one, two or ALL of these fun ideas over the next 16 days and close out your summer with Joy and gratitude. Intentionally taking time to close one season before beginning the next allows us to truly see and savor all God has done and how He has blessed us over the past few months.


It also allows us to be fully present and ready for all He has before us in the new season.

  • Make your favorite summer dessert.
  • Set up a slideshow on your computer with all the great pics you took this summer.
  • Make a mini scrapbook from a favorite place you visited this summer.
  • Visit your local farmer's market and design a menu with the last of the season's bounty.
  • Pick or buy a bundle of wildflowers. BONUS: share with someone!
  • Lay on the grass in a quiet spot and watch the clouds. BONUS: let yourself go and find pictures in the clouds!
  • Have a backyard campfire and make s'mores.
  • Take a short evening hike, look for or catch lightening bugs!
  • Watch the sunset.
  • Journal about your favorite summer memories
  • Use magazine pictures or pictures you print from the internet and make a summer collage of favorite things.
  • Make ice cream sundaes and eat them outside.
  • Sit outside in the early morning, evening or nighttime and listen for the summer sounds.
  • Journal a prayer of thanksgiving to God for all of the treasures of summer you remember.
  • Dance barefoot on the grass to your favorite music!

Sadly, we only get so many summers; and we never know when the last one will come. But more importantly, you will never have THIS summer again, so grasp these last 16 days and make 16 new summer memories to treasure in your heart.

Before running full speed into Autumn, open your hands wide and receive the last summer joy-gifts God wants to pour into your heart. Then pour out your gratitude to the Giver of all good gifts, lovingly lingering with Him in the closing moments of the summer of 2023.

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