Thursday, April 13, 2023

Take Your Tears with You


By: Donna Bucher

Take Your Tears with You


Noticing the spiritual parallels in the seasons drew me to a well-worn verse which spoke a new truth to me this week. Meditating on it brought me much joy and comfort in the Lord and I rejoice in sharing it with you!


Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy! He who goes out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of joy, bringing his sheaves with him.

Psalm 126:5-6



Often these verses are used to preach about soul winning and planting "seeds" of God's Word. While that may sound good, it's not the context of the Psalm.

This psalm was written after God "turned" the Babylon Captivity from Israel. Some of the captives had returned to the land; read the detailed timeline in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah.

But not all of the captives had returned; the Psalmist praises God for deliverance while asking God make a full end of delivering His people from the Babylonian captivity. (Psalm 126)


While there were shouts of joy over the deliverance from captivity, the people also experienced grief and sorrow over the great loss of life, national heritage, and the beauty of the temple and Jerusalem.

The exhortation in Psalm 126:5-6 has a two-fold application: First, when God sent the Israelites into captivity, He told them through the prophet Jeremiah, the captivity would be long, (70 years). As a result, they would build houses, marry and plant vineyards; in short, they were to "do life" in this strange land. 

Second, after the captivity ended, they would return to a ravaged land and start over, likewise building houses, marrying, and planting vineyards.


The psalm speaks of "sowing in tears"; not that sowing results in a sad occupation or is better done with the emotion of tears. The Psalmist speaks here of "grief". Israel was brutally taken into captivity and expected to live in a strange land among strange people.

But even though God punished His people for their sin and rebellion, He told them the captivity was limited (70 years) and He would bless their labors in this strange land.


Don't Hide From your Tears

As we consider the example and promise in these verses, we find hope in our own grief.


At times God asks us to go through hard places where we feel alone, afraid, and desolate. You may be battling a chronic or life limiting illness, going through a divorce, financial hardship, or the death of a loved one.


All the while "life" presses in, children need fed, housework needs done, you must show up for work, and bills must be paid.


The beauty of these verses tells us to "sow in tears", that is, don't hide from your tears or deny your sorrow. Do the work right where you are in the strange place of suffering, with your tears.


For when we sow in tears, we demonstrate our trust in the Lord in the midst of our grief, knowing He is a merciful God who promised never to leave us.

This dark night of the soul will not endure forever, it has a "limit" just like the Israelite's captivity. When we show up for the responsibilities, tears and all, we bear witness to God's great faithfulness to His people.

Just as God blessed the Israelites both in their captivity and after, He will likewise bless your demonstration of faith in Him as you sow in tears.

As you remain faithful in the small things even with a sorrowful heart, God will turn your sorrow into joy.


Wherever you are today in your journey with the Lord, please know He is the God who sees, He knows every detail of your sorrow. Weeping indeed endures only for the night, joy comes in the morning. (Psalm 30:5) Trust in the Lord and sow in tears, that you may return with shouts of Joy.


Where is the Lord asking you to “sow in tears” today?

How can you encourage someone else today who may be in a hard place?

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  1. This is so encouraging Donna! I am sowing in tears for a lost loved one and broken relationship. So thankful He sees and knows!


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