Saturday, January 28, 2023

Taste and See that the Lord is Good

By: Melanie Moore

I love to follow food bloggers online. I am a huge fan of food videos of all kinds -- new recipes, cake decorating, anything and everything from simple snacks to elaborate wedding cakes! It always looks so easy when a food blogger creates a short, simple clip and quickly walks through the steps of a recipe. As I watch it, I think to myself, "Hey, that looks easy! I bet I could do that at home too!"

Then, because they inspire me with the joy that they have in the recipe, I decide to try it myself at home. My family is really enjoying all of the new recipes that I have been trying lately. In fact, my husband keeps commenting on how delicious these new recipes are!

I had to admit that I was so inspired by watching someone else cook that it stirred up (pun intended) a desire to cook at home! 

My prayer is that this ministry will do something similar in your heart. My hope is that by reading short devotions about the love and working of God in our lives, that it will inspire and encourage you to seek Him as well. By reading our simple, human words here, I pray that your heart would be stirred to seek the source of truth and love that is only found in God.

There is one limitation of watching food bloggers online -- I can't nourish myself with only their videos! Likewise, we can read devotions and see short clips or photos of instagrammers displaying their daily quiet time... but that can never come close to nourishing our souls the way that digging into God's Word for ourselves can.

This reminder to dig into God's Word is for my heart as well. I know that life can become so busy and chaotic that time in the Bible and talking with God in prayer tends to slip off of our radar. I challenge all of us together this week, myself included, to make time for that special meeting with God through reading His Word and time in prayer. It's the only way to truly nourish our souls.

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