Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Take Off Your Cape

By: Jenifer Metzger

Several years ago I was needing some prayer and encouragement from my Christian sisters. I went to my Daily Reflections accountability group and began to type out my prayer request out. I was half way through and deleted it.

How could I, a woman who has been married 18 years at that time, a woman who writes about marriage, a woman who is in ministry, need advice from others? I walked away for a few moments. Then came back and began to type my request. For a second time, I chickened out and deleted it. Then I decided it was time to be real.

Take off your cape #relationships #friendship #authenticity

I typed my request out, clicking 'post' as fast as I could, just in case I wimped out again. My sisters in Christ immediately answered saying they would pray for me and many had great advice for me.

Later the very same day I posted my request, we had a women's night at church. Our guest speaker, and my dear friend, had no idea of my prayer request earlier in the day. Yet her message that night was exactly the confirmation I needed. We need to take off the cape and be real with our sisters.

Ladies, we must be real with each other. We must take off the cape, take off the mask, stop pretending we have it all together and simply be real. When we are real, we can help others and others can help us.

We are all flawed humans living with flawed humans in a flawed world full of more flawed humans. We will have struggles. We will have trials. We will fight with our husband. We will have attitudes from our kids. Those are pretty much guarantees. When we hide it all in, wearing our cape and pretending everything is perfect, we are helping no one.

When we share of a struggle or situation we are facing, another sister in Christ may have already been in that situation. She may have just the thing to help you through it. Or maybe you share with someone who's going through the struggle right now. You can pray and encourage one another and be a sounding board for each other. But if you keep your struggle silent, she'll never get that help.

Being real does not mean bashing anyone, including your husband or family. It does not mean gossiping or complaining. It does not mean blasting your business all over social media. What it does mean is sharing your heart and seeking encouragement and advice with your mentor, accountability partner, pastor's wife, or trusted friend.

So friends, today let's take the cape off and be real.

Do you struggle with taking off the cape and being real?

1. Do you struggle with wearing that superhero cape and not sharing you struggles?
2. Or do you lean towards the side of sharing too much?

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