Saturday, October 1, 2022

3 Tips to Win the Worry War

By: Melanie Moore

If worry was an Olympic sport, I hate to admit that I could probably win a gold medal. I'm not proud of this. In fact, one of the constant struggles I have in my own heart is with this issue of worry. In my heart, I long to trust God and surrender control of all of life's details to Him. However, my sinful nature tries to pick back up control of each detail and cling to it with my worried, white-knuckled grip.

How can we defeat the battle of worry?

What tools has God given us to go to war with worry?

First, I don't believe that this is a one-time battle. For me, this is a struggle that I tend to have over and over in my life, so I have to constantly remind myself of the tips below. If you feel the same way, please don't be discouraged! Sometimes we have to preach the truth of God's Word to our own hearts!

1. Pray Without Ceasing

When a thought enters our minds and causes us to worry, that is our cue to stop and pray about it. Worrying about the scenario does nothing to change it. Instead, it simply steals our joy in the present when we worry about the future. Whatever if on your mind, pray that God will take control of the situation and give you wisdom regarding it rather than worrying about it.

2. Replace Worry with God's Word

I have a spiral-bound set of index cards with Bible passages written on them in order to remind myself of God's promises. In the midst of a season of worry or fear, I will often read these cards aloud to preach the Gospel to my own heart. 

3. Worship during the battle!

It is very hard to worship God and worry about something in our lives at the same time. When we worry, our focus is on us. It's on our worries, cares, concerns, problems, and fears. However, worship shifts our focus away from ourselves and instead focuses us on God. Worship aligns our hearts with who God is and how He is always faithful to us, especially in the midst of hard times.

Today's Prayer

Father God, we come to you today to ask for your strength in our hearts when worry surrounds us. In the midst of our trials and problems, remind us to cast all of our cares on you because you care for us. Bring to mind those verses in your word which hold your unchanging promises to us, and help us to stand firm on your truth. Align our hearts to worship You in the middle of any storms of life we face, and help us to lift our faces to you in recognition of your faithfulness. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

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