Tuesday, September 20, 2022

God Uses the Young, Too!

 By: Rebekah Hargraves

Photo Courtesy Of: Kyle Smith

"I thought that age should speak and maturity should teach wisdom. But it is the spirit in a person—the breath from the Almighty—that gives anyone understanding. It is not only the old who are wise or the elderly who understand how to judge."

~Job 32:7-9

We are often told in Scripture to revere the elderly, to have the older women teach the younger women, to respect our elders, and to understand that, with the grey head comes wisdom and understanding. All of this is true and very important to remember!

But we also see a different picture in Scripture. We also see young Timothy being told to never let anyone despise his youth, but to instead be an example to the believers. We see young David being used by God to defeat Goliath. We see teenaged Mary being chosen as the mother of the Messiah. We see Jeremiah being chosen to be a prophet for God at, as many scholars say, the age of 17. We see Daniel as a youth refusing to eat the King’s delicacies. And on and on and on it goes.

Why? Why these two separate pictures?

Because, as Elihu points out in this passage, it is *the Spirit of God* which gives a person understanding. It isn’t merely long years of life experience which affords wisdom to people. It is ultimately God Himself Who does that. And that same Holy Spirit of God is in believers everywhere - whether they are 13, 30, or 103.

So, if you fall on the young end of the spectrum (as I still do at the age of 30), don’t despair. Don’t despise your youth or allow others to despise it. Instead, be an example to the believers! Of course, at the same time, don’t let this calling puff you up or cause you to not listen anymore to your elders. That would be foolish. But do glory in the God Who made you and called you to be a Great Commission ambassador for Him at the very age you are right now! 

Reflection Questions:

1) How have you believed the lie that wisdom only comes with age?

2) Have there been ways in which you have looked down on others for their youth?

3) Have you been guilty of disdaining elderly people rather than appreciating and learning from them?

4) What is the Lord impressing upon your heart today?

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