Thursday, September 29, 2022

Are You Thriving or Surviving?


By: Donna Bucher

You Are Not Invincible

In case no one told you this recently, you have limitations: physically, mentally and spiritually. If you continue pushing through life's hardships without respite you will crash.


The blessing of life's trials comes in the revelation of our weaknesses and inability to do life on our own.


God does give us more than we can handle so we learn to trust Him more deeply and the excellency of the power is His not ours. (2 Corinthians 4:7-10)


You Need Support

Persisting in a self-sufficient mindset, isolates you from the support of others. Which exhausts low physical energy reserves and depletes spiritual resiliency.


At times the most loving thing you can do, is admit you need help.


We often cry out to God in overwhelm and exhaustion expecting help from Him, but forget He uses the people around us to provide the help we need. We spurn help in the form of supportive family or friends, further complicating our situation.


You Need Enjoyment

One of the first things we exclude when faced with life's hardships is enjoyment. We neglect hobbies that bring us joy or relaxation, we laugh less, and even our spiritual walk feels like drudgery.


Neglecting things that bring joy to your heart, a smile to your face, and life to your soul intensify your suffering.


Genuinely caring for yourself while in life's hard places makes the difference between thriving and surviving. We have no control over unexpected trials, but we can nurture ourselves in the midst of it so we can thrive and grow as individuals.


Ways to Strengthen Your Physical Well-being

Rest. This may mean actual sleep; getting to bed earlier, sleeping in a bit or a nap. Accepting help with housework or saying “NO” to commitments.

Nourishment. Make time to buy and/or prepare nutritious food for yourself. Avoid skipping meals or skimping on meals; eating on the run. Sit down and enjoy your food.

Exercise. No matter your physical limitations, movement of any kind increases your "feel good" hormones of serotonin and dopamine. Getting outside for a walk around your yard lifts your mood.

Ways to Strengthen Your Mental Well-being

Hobbies. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? God calls us to "create"; whether through sewing, crafting, knitting, crocheting or other handwork; cooking, baking, gardening, painting, drawing, woodworking. The possibilities are endless.

Read. Reading nourishes your mind while giving your mind a respite from worry, anxiety and overthinking.

Music. No matter what genre you choose, music is like a tranquilizer to a busy mind. Create your own "music therapy" playlist, go on a walk, put your feet up or have your very own dance party.

Ways to Strengthen Your Spiritual Well-being

Enjoy God. When was the last time you enjoyed God? What if you scrapped the regular routine and sat with God just enjoying His Presence with you? Breathing slowly and deeply; allowing Him to remind you of His love for you.

Enjoy God's Creation. Spend time in nature, even just watching the birds or other animals from your window. Notice the flowers, their fragrances, colors, textures. Enjoy a sunrise or sunset. Enjoy a walk in the rain, look for rainbows!

Enjoy God's Word. Choose your favorite promises from God's Word or find some new ones. "Personalize" them by adding your name and re-writing them as if God was speaking directly to YOU; after all HE IS.


Acknowledge you are not invincible, you need support, and you need enjoyment. Seek ways to enjoy God and his good gifts while taking care of yourself so you thrive, not merely survive in life's hard places. Jesus came that you might have abundant life; may you experience His abundant life today.


Which area above causes the most struggle for you?


Which area will help you thrive instead of simply surviving?


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