Tuesday, July 5, 2022

How to Use Computers to Make Sunday School Lessons So Much Fun

If there is one thing a Sunday school teacher wants to do it would be to hold the kids’ interest long enough to teach important lessons from their faith. That isn’t always easy to do. Today’s youth are often thinking of getting back to that video game they were playing when mom and dad called upstairs that it’s time to get ready for church and Sunday school. With that in mind, why not look for ways to make the lessons fun and entertaining so that they enjoy coming to church on Sundays? There are actually several ways to use computer technology to make lessons a bit challenging as well as fun. Here are some ideas you might like to try.

Hands-On Activities

Although there may only be one computer in the room where you are teaching your class, there are ways to give kids a turn at the computer. Of course, you will need a mouse and keyboard sized a little smaller than the adult sizes to ‘fit’ their smaller hands, but that’s easy to do if you find an online computer store with accessories, such as Lenovo.

You could plan a Bible trivia game, for example, where kids take turns answering questions based on last week’s lesson. They go up to the computer, choose the multiple choice answer they feel best answers a question and watch as the answer is scored as a “You got it!” or a “Try again.” Bear in mind that each kid in the Sunday school class gets a turn to come up to the computer to click on the answer they choose. In fact, if it takes a class vote, they are the one who gets to go up to click on the answer selected by the class.

A Few Games to Try

Some of the most fun games are styled after television games that they’ve probably seen mom or dad watching in the evening. For example, some of the most popular games have Bible games patterned after them. Some of the ones kids like best are:

• Friendly Feud – Played like Family Feud.
• The Wheel – Patterned after Wheel of Fortune.
• Bible Jeopardy  Trivia questions like Jeopardy.

A quick Google search for computer games for kids' Bible lessons should yield several games you can instantly download. Most are not expensive, and you can begin using them immediately after downloading and installing them.

Activities Found on the Internet

While these don’t require that the kids actually use the computer, a computer is necessary to find activities you can use for your lessons. There are tons of Bible coloring pages that are free to download or print which you can bring to Sunday school with you for the kids to color. Then there are some great Bible songs for kids on YouTube that you can play as part of your lesson. Singing is so much fun for kids and if you have a large screen monitor for the classroom, they can sing along because the lyrics are printed on the video for kids to read.

No matter how you use computer technology and the internet, you will find tons of activities for kids that will make Sunday school something to look forward to. They will get the Christian message and have so much fun learning. What could be a more effective teaching aid than getting kids excited about their lessons?

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