Thursday, July 14, 2022

Freedom From Discouragement


By: Donna Bucher

I often feel "blind-sided" by discouragement; generally positive, confident and optimistic, even when faced with difficulties, discouragement arrives unnoticed at first. Recently, while struggling to identify the oppression I felt, I realized the Lord invited me on a walk through discouragement.

Nothing touches God’s children without His permission, even discouragement. Every human enemy or tragedy sifts through His hands and goes only so far, and lasts only so long. Not even the enemy of our souls has liberty to attack and oppress us; his chain only extends as far as God exacts.

Howard Hendricks accurately said, "Discouragement is the anesthetic that the devil uses on a person just before he reaches in and carves out his heart."

Does that sound as sobering to you as it does to me? Does it bring new meaning to the description of the devil in I Peter 5:8?



Viewing discouragement as rather benign, I concluded everyone experiences discouragement from time to time and eventually shakes it off.

Surprisingly, this invitation for a walk through discouragement was actually a walk behind enemy lines. I believe God intended for my eyes to see why discouragement is the most effective tool of the enemy.

God promises never to leave us nor forsake us, (Hebrews 13:5) but He allowed me to experience the darkness, confusion and disillusionment of the lies so subtly planted. He watched as fear took hold, and as my unbelief began to render familiar promises ineffective, stepped in and revealed the truth to me through His Word.

Leading me to Psalm 27, my faith became sight as I distinguished the lies and covered them with truth. Each step brought more light until the discouragement disappeared. Come walk with me as we seek freedom from discouragement together.


Psalm 27-The Lord is My Light and My Salvation

Verse 1 reminded me the Lord is my light, my salvation, and my stronghold, I need fear nothing. I am helpless to defeat discouragement in my own strength.

Verses 2 and 3 showed me enemies and dark battles come, evil will arise, but they, not me will fall, and because of verse one, I have confidence.

Verse 4 centered my desire on Christ; seeking Him, freely dwelling with Him, inquiring of Him. Beholding His beauty; with my heart set on these things, my vision cleared.

Verse 5 reminded me in times of trouble Christ would hide me and set me on a rock. I could rest in His perfect protection at all times.

Verse 6 spoke of the triumph over my enemies He gives, and the praise I offer as a result. He would bring the victory.

Verse 7 encouraged me to cry out to Him and know He hears. I need not hesitate when confused and lost in discouragement to call to Him.


Verse 8 was the most beautiful for me. The psalm urges the reader to "seek God's face". The reader responds "my heart will seek your face". The Hebrew renders it "my face will seek your face". The very thought of His face looking into my face transforms discouragement into intimacy.


Verse 9 is the realization of what life offers when His face is hidden. Feeling His displeasure at disobedience. The remembrance of His salvation keeps me seeking Him when I lose my way in discouragement.

Verse 10 no matter who forsakes me, even my own family, He will welcome me. Verse 11 seeking Him to teach me His way, and to lead me in a plain path. When I lose my way, He will guide me.

Verse 12 He hears my pleas for rescue. He is my help when I am under attack.

Verse 13 reminded me without belief in His goodness all around me, I would faint.

Verse 14 the ultimate promise in a walk through discouragement: wait on Him, my light and my salvation. He will come, He will strengthen, He will not forget me.


Satan wields discouragement as a powerful weapon meant to destroy both us and our work for God's Kingdom. The truth of God's Word provides freedom from the lies of discouragement planted by the evil one.

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