Thursday, June 30, 2022

Viewing Joy Through Relationships


By: Donna Bucher 


“These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.

John 15:11


Considering where I might experience God’s joy in my life, I turned towards the idea of relationship: with others, myself and God.


Observing Joy in Others

Joy revealed a unique relationship with others. Yes, others bring, offer and share joy with me; and I likewise have opportunity for reciprocation. But even more fascinating, I attained incredible insight to Joy by observing its presence in the lives of others.


Glimpsing snippets of the divine nature in diverse expressions of Joy in the lives of others, alerted me to the manifold ways the Creator reveals His Joy in and through others. From the raucous laughter of a dear colleague and the sheer delight of my granddaughter's uninhibited dance to the quiet confidence of a grieving patient; His Joy transcends time and space.


Viewing Joy through relationships with others reminded me the greatest Joy meets me leaving my hand.


Rather than expecting Joy at the hand of others, when I choose investing my Joy in them, the return is a hundred-fold more than I invested. Joy simply cannot be held; it begs bestowal upon others.


Observing Joy in Relationship with God

As one facet of the Fruit of the Spirit, my view of Joy through relationships must include contemplation of its fellowship with God. Learning early in my journey, fullness of Joy abides in God's Presence, I also grasped Joy as a gift of sanctification.



We hear and know "God is Love"; but God is also JOY! All true joy flows from God Himself Our God is a joyful God; He rejoiced over His creation, His plans for us are good and He rejoices over us with JOY! (Zephaniah 3:17)


Realizing God's Presence remains with me always, gives me access to fullness of Joy in His Presence at all times,


God desires His children experience Joy, and for that express purpose sent His Son as our redemption. Christ shared the Father's wish in John 15:11, imparting His desire that God's Joy be our Joy, the complete fulfillment of Joy for us. Joy never comes from us, it springs from the God of Joy.


Observing Joy within Myself

Finally, viewing Joy through relationships bade me consider its interaction with my own heart. Truly the most difficult relationship with Joy is my own. Try though I might, explanation evades me for the restless uncertain feeling I have in relation to grasping Joy.

Perhaps my ambiguity rests in the pressure of progress; gaining knowledge and mastery of this tiny word. Or possibly my pursuit of Joy as a possession gained or an attribute to refine places weighty distance between me and my full understanding.


Like the delicate butterfly, grasping Joy tightly disfigures its exquisite beauty.


Joy's interaction with my heart reminds me God's Joy pursues us, shrouds us in His love and reflects His glory to others. A privilege not earned, apprehended nor possessed, but rather embodied.


Spending time viewing Joy through relationships enriched my Joy journey with valuable reminders of lessons learned, revelations of treasures formerly hidden and musings of discoveries yet future.

The gift of divine Presence within, Joy offers us an ethereal experience no worldly acquisition provides. A privilege reserved for those intimately known by the Creator.


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