Thursday, June 16, 2022

Seeking a Sacred Pause


By: Donna Bucher


“I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I hope”

Psalm 130:5


Have you ever thought about the impact time actually has on your life? Most of us view time as an interval for accomplishing chores, or a commodity of which we never have “enough” to “do” all the things on our lists. But today, what if you viewed time as an opportunity for a sacred pause?


Instead of obsessing over managing our time, or lamenting the lack of it, we can change our relationship with time by learning to pause and sit with God.


Even though I have excellent time management skills, I struggled for years with becoming a slave of time. Because until you balance your relationship with time you don’t manage time, it manages you. Learning the art of savoring a sacred pause in the midst of my day freed me from time constraints.


Adding a sacred pause to your day helps you bring God into your daily activity. Gaining full awareness of the beauty of creation all around you, keeps you present and reduces anxiety. Gaining full awareness of the Creator’s constant presence with you, also brings hope to difficult situations.


Choosing a sacred pause invites an intimate few moments of waiting on God, allowing Him opportunity for speaking into your day.


If you prefer a more structured approach, set a timer on your phone twice daily for two five minute pauses. If more of a free spirit, simply look for two opportunities for where a brief five minute pause fits easily into each day.


If possible find an uninterrupted spot, perhaps outside in the nice weather. Prayerfully take a few slow, deep breaths, turning your thoughts away from the events of your day.


Tune into God’s Presence. Turn your thoughts to God’s continual presence with you. Reflect on ways you have seen His hand in your day thus far. Where have you experienced his presence most today?

Review the Day with Gratitude. Consider the events of your day so far: What delighted you? What blessing did you receive? Think about the work you did, people you interacted with, what did you receive from them? Pay attention to the small things, the food you ate, things you saw, every small thing. God is in the details.

Pay Attention to Your Emotions. Reflect on emotions you currently feel. What emotion do you feel most strongly? How is that affecting your day?

Choose One Aspect of the Day. Reflect for a moment on something that seems significant. It can be a specific encounter with someone, or a moment of happiness, peace or even something troubling. How can you surrender this to God?

Close in Prayer. Thank God for meeting you in these moments and for His presence in your day. Seek His help for the remainder of your day. Reflect on the hope of His presence with you.


Life consists of many small choices along the way. In the space of your day between one task or appointment and the next, you create space. That’s a sacred pause, in that tiny space you obtain the ability to change your trajectory in the future moments. But it requires intention, awareness and the courage to stop, reflect and at times change course.

When we choose a sacred pause in the busyness of our days, we create tiny moments of Joy in the presence of God, learn to see Him more clearly in our days and become more attune to his voice as he speaks into our days.

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  1. Donna, thank you for bringing the need for the much-needed sacred pauses I need in my day to my attention. I value your suggestions listed while taking a sacred pause.

    1. Thank you so much Paula, for your encouragng words. I know how much taking a sacred pause enhances my relationship with God!


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