Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Love & Care For One Another

By: Jenifer Metzger

Recently I was texting a dear friend I haven't talked to in awhile. She expressed that she missed me and I shared that I missed her. She went on to tell me of some things going on in her life right now. Life has been crazy for sure. Then she told me she wasn't having a pity party and she knows life is hard and crazy for everyone.

While that is very true, we all face crazy seasons and difficult times, it doesn't minimize what someone is going through. It can be easy to hear someone share what they are facing and be quick to think, "Yea, well I am struggling too" or "You're not the only one going through hard times" instead of just listening, caring, and praying.

I recently saw a video clip of Jennie Allen speaking and she was talking about how we used to care for each other. How we used to take casseroles to someone going through a hard time, how we used to send cards, how we just in general used to care. We don't do that any more.

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I remember some years back taking a dinner to a friend whose father was on his deathbed, ordering pizza for the family of a sick friend who lived out of state, mailing cards to just tell someone I am praying for them. I also remember being on the receiving end of dinners and random cards in the mail.

When did we become so inward focused that we lost the connection with others? When did we become so self absorbed that we quit caring for others? When did we get so busy that we stopped taking care of each other?

Love each other with genuine affection,
and take delight in honoring each other.
Romans 12:10

We need each other. We were never, ever meant to do this life alone. God created us to love and care for one another. Sometimes loving and caring for one another means making that phone call, reaching out when you haven't heard from someone, sending a meal, writing a card, or offering to babysit so she can have a break.

Instead of being quick to jump in with our own struggles, listen to their heart. Instead of assuming the worst when you haven't heard from someone, knock on their door and check on them. Instead of writing off the relationship, reach out in love.

Jennie Allen says, "We weren’t just built *for* community; we were built because of it." Your community, your people, they are important. Love them. Take care of them. Pray for them.

Today, what can you do to reach out and love and care for someone? Share in the comments.

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  1. Jenifer, I so appreciated this post. We so need one another and I think our need for community is on the increase. I love the Jennie Allen quote >> "We weren’t just built *for* community; we were built because of it." Amen. Thank you for this encouragement!

  2. Loving and caring for others seems to be on my mind a lot lately. I too remember my parents caring for families in the neighborhood during hard times, sending food, helping a sick neighbor with yard work, or cleaning many times. I recently sent snail mail handwritten thinking of you cards to several elderly friends. Boy the surprise calls I got, I could hear their joy and gratitude in their voices. I could "hear" them smiling. I love to care on others.


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