Friday, March 25, 2022

If You Are a Bruised Reed


BySarah Geringer 

He will not break a bruised reed,
and He will not put out a smoldering wick;
He will faithfully bring justice.

Isaiah 42:3 HCSB

Do you feel like a bruised reed today? One that has been on the edge of a pond all winter, now stomped on by thoughtless animals or relentlessly slashed by the wind?

I feel like a bruised reed myself. I've been through so much pain and suffering since the beginning of this year. Though we're halfway through the Lenten season today, a journey from death to life, I still feel like a dilapidated reed on the marshes, too sodden to fully welcome spring.

Maybe you are a bruised reed today, or a smoldering wick. One who's on her last leg, but not quite out for the count. You may be straggling to stand up tall in your faith, or you may feel like you are almost totally burnt out and depleted.

Even though I'm feeling bruised and smoldering, I find great comfort in this verse. First Isaiah prophesied it about the coming Messiah. Then Matthew repeated it in his gospel account (see Matt. 12:20). 

This is one of God's beautiful promises - the Savior of the world, the King of Kings, will not crush us with his almighty strength. 

Though Jesus could have come with blazing power, he chose to come with compassion. He himself was a bruised reed and a smoldering wick at his crucifixion. He knows what it feels like to be beaten down, rejected, cast off and trampled. Because he knows how it feels, he chose to empathize with our pain and show his tenderness and gentleness to us, especially when we are feeling down.

I take comfort knowing that Jesus is seeking justice on my behalf. He knows more about my enemies than I do - the ones who keep trying to stomp on me when I'm down. The ones who try to blow out the tiny flame on my wick right when I have the strength to light it again. He will handle them as he sees fit when the time is right.

He has already secured the victory for me against my real enemy, the devil. Jesus draws me close in his comforting presence while I pray, watch and wait for justice to be served according to the Father's ways, will and timing. 

If you are a bruised reed today, take comfort in the Lord. Spend time alone with him. Pour out your heart and your tears in his presence. Ask him to hold you in his embrace. Also don't hesitate to reach out to a godly friend, pastor, or counselor for prayer and encouragement, like I'm doing myself.

Jesus will be faithful to you when it seems no one else is faithful. He will whisper words of encouragement to you as you depend on his strength to support you and rely on his light to rekindle your hope.

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Have a blessed weekend!

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