Wednesday, March 23, 2022


By: Jenifer Metzger


We constantly hear the world talking about empowerment. And the truth is, we all want to be empowered in some way. So why not be empowered with more of God?

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Dayspring and (in)Courage have a brand new devotional to help us do just that. Empowered: More of Him for All of You will help you as you dive deep into five areas we need to seek God for empowerment; physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual.

Empowered: More of Him for All of You teaches us that it is important to cultivate and grow in each of these areas because God cares about our whole being. As we allow Him to empower us, we begin to grow and live fully as He created us to.

With sixty devotions -each falling into one of the five areas above mentioned- we see how God can empower us in each area of our life. Each day has a Scripture verse, a relatable story and lesson, a prayer, and reflection questions to help you dig deeper.

#Dayspringcards #Dayspringaffiliates

Empowered: More of Him for All of You is a book every woman can relate to. I highly recommend this book no matter where you are in life.

To order Empowered: More of Him for All of You, click HERE.

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  1. Dayspring has such a wonderful collection.


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