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The Top 5 Benefits of Christian Meditation


BySarah Geringer 

Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do.

Joshua 1:8 NLT

Christian meditation can change your life for the better in many ways. Here are the five top benefits of Christian meditation.

Spiritual Benefits

Spending regular time meditating on God’s Word will help you feel closer to God. As you develop a habit of meditation, you will learn to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit not just in your meditation times, but in the rest of your day too. Your faith will grow as you see God leading you along a healthier life path.

Mental Benefits

Meditation improves both your ability to concentrate and your memory. As you reflect upon scripture and repeat key phrases, God’s Word is stored deeper in your mental recesses. You will be able to bring it up from your internal storehouse with ease, once you deeply process the meaning of the scriptures.

Another benefit is an increased knowledge of God’s Word. We live in a time when the Bible is readily available, yet most people are biblically illiterate. By slowly working through the Bible in your meditation time, you will gain new knowledge and understanding. You will also be able to serve as an information resource for your family and friends.

Physical Benefits

Studies show that regular meditation has powerful physical benefits. Meditation can lower your blood pressure to the degree that you may no longer need medication to control blood pressure. It reduces your stress levels, because it gives you a strategy for handling problems.

For example, if you meditate on verses regarding anxiety, you will be able to apply God’s Word in anxious situations and not feel as anxious as before. When your body is not under stress, your immune system can function more efficiently. So meditation can actually make you healthier!

Personal Benefits

When you dwell on verses that speak about God’s love and kindness toward you, you may see yourself in a new, positive light. Perhaps you always felt unwanted or unloved. As you meditate on verses about God’s unconditional love and his choosing of you to be his child, your emotional wounds can be healed.

Perhaps you don’t know how to manage your anger. Meditating on verses related to anger can give you the tools you need to change for the better. Meditation can lead you to positive self-worth in your Christian identity.

Interpersonal Benefits

Do you want to be a better friend or family member? Meditate on verses about showing love, kindness, and forgiveness to others, and your heart will be transformed. God’s Word has the power to transform you into a more understanding, more self-controlled person. You just might start getting along with people better once you hide God’s Word in your heart through meditation.

Meditation can also help you become a generous person. God’s Word has a special effect; once people fall in love with it, they want to share it! The more you learn, the more you will want to share. You may have never felt prepared or willing to talk about the Bible with other people. When you begin to meditate on God’s Word regularly, you’ll have a storehouse of information to share at the ready. No more stumbling on your words and feeling fearful—God’s Word will be stored in your heart, and the Holy Spirit will empower you!

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