Thursday, January 13, 2022

Practicing the Presence of God

 By: Donna Bucher

Practicing the Presence of God


While familiar with the truth of God's Presence with us through the Holy Spirit, how many of us truly experience His Presence throughout our days?

We know God is always with us, as Jesus promised in (John 14:16-17). But sometimes the demands of our daily lives make recognizing His Presence difficult.

Cultivating an awareness of God's Presence is a spiritual discipline like Bible reading, prayer or worship, available to all Christians.

So how do we cultivate an awareness of God's Presence with us? Psalm 89 gives us a clue:

"Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you,
    who walk in the light of your presence, LORD.
They rejoice in your name all day long;
    they celebrate your righteousness.

Psalm 89:15-16 NIV


Believing God is with me in the moments of my day, I pondered the possibility of remaining present to Him, literally walking in the light of His presence throughout my day.



Choosing brief mindfulness breaks, not only offers opportunity for refocusing on God’s Presence with me, but keeps me present to my family, job responsibilities and events of my day.

Using prayer prompts during those breaks, turning my thoughts Godward, my awareness of His Presence increased; offering me the opportunity of seeing Him at work in each situation and moment of my day.

Awareness of God’s Presence in the moments of my days requires intentionality and focus, but not a huge time commitment.



I delight in sharing an easy process for practicing the Presence of God, including prayer prompts and focus prayers.

I suggest choosing a mindfulness prayer break mid-morning and mid-afternoon; secure a quiet place without disruptions for five to ten minutes. This means your phone is silenced!

Spend two to three minutes in slow, deep breathing, simply focusing on your breath. Allow any thoughts to come and go without judgement or grasping onto them. My favorite visual consists of viewing my thoughts as balloons rising up in the air.

Focus on a chosen prayer prompt, while maintaining calm, deep breathing. Review the prayer prompt in your mind. After two to three minutes, pray a brief focus prayer, sitting quietly for another few moments. When ready, open your eyes and resume your day.

The prayer prompts and short prayers below, all focus on the Presence of God,  keeping your mind present, and God foremost in your thoughts rather than the events of the day.


Use the same prayer prompt and prayer twice each day from the list below of seven prayer prompts and seven prayers for each of the seven days in a week.

Choose a prompt and prayer for your day perhaps in your morning quiet time. Keep things fluid, avoid complicating the process by rigidity; trust God’s guidance and leading. He may lead you to repeat a particular prompt or prayer on successive days.



  • Am I fully trusting God's guidance today?
  • God cares about even the small moments of my day.
  • God will help me work through difficult emotions today.
  • Where is my agenda for today clashing with God's kingdom agenda?
  • God speaks peace to my troubled thoughts today.
  • Which of my attitudes displeases God today?
  • I hear God's voice above the distractions of the day.


  • Father God, I trust you to lead me one moment at a time today.
  • Thank you, Lord, your Presence brings significance to the small moments of my day.
  • Father God, help me curb my anger and frustration, responding instead with your peace.
  • Show me your kingdom agenda today Lord, and help me align my ways with yours.
  • Dear God, help me take my troubled thoughts captive and bring them to you.
  • Open my eyes to attitudes grieving you today, Lord.
  • Father, let me hear your voice above all of the others today.


The present moment offers the only opportunity for experiencing the Presence of God. Whether in moments of calm, busyness, reading your Bible, at your job or washing dishes, God blesses you with His Presence. Adding mindful prayer breaks simply helps you recognize him there.

Every moment provides an opportunity for connection with God, allowing you the privilege of offering thanksgiving and praise for His detailed involvement in your life. Essentially, by practicing mindful prayer, your mind focuses your thoughts more on God and less on cares, worries and distractions.

Practicing the Presence of God in your daily life, ultimately transforms your perspective on menial tasks and every day moments into meaningful encounters with God.

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  1. Lovely, Donna! ♥ Personally, when I was struggling to feel the presence of God, I would sing Holy Spirit by Francesca Battistelli and invite the Holy Spirit to be with me. While I know He is already with me, the act of inviting Him into my time helped me to focus on Him being there.

  2. So true Jenifer, by inviting God into our moments, it brings awareness to His Presence already there. We have the head knowledge of His Presence, but at times we need that Presence to be more real to us!


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