Monday, August 9, 2021

Secret Prayer

 By: Joanne Viola


The value of time spent in prayer each day is greatly under estimated. Yet when we commit to spend time in prayer, we realize our lives are richer for having done so.

As we continue in The Path of Prayer this week, Samuel Chadwick brings us to examine the life of Moses and all he gained from having gone up the mountain of prayer.

Any time Moses faced a difficult decision or an overwhelming challenge, he sought time with God. Several times, he went up a mountain to be alone with God.

“When you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.” (Matthew 6:6, NASB)

What did he discover as he went up the mount?

  • He found God. While Moses knew God, he discovered personal revelation with God on the mount. It was there, God spoke with Moses, giving him directions and The Law.
  • He found the will of God. It was on the mount, alone with God, Moses received the commandments, the pattern for every life for all time.
  • He found power. As Moses prayed, he received strength and power for the tasks ahead.

“Prevailing prayer makes men invincible. They who prevail in the secret place of the Most High cannot be beaten anywhere. All things are possible to secret prayer.”

(from The Path to Prayer, Samuel Chadwick, page 53)

  • He found fellowship. It was on the mountain that God spoke to Moses face to face. There was a deepening of friendship, an exchange of words between a man and God.

“The most important part of prayer is not what we say to God, but what God says to us.”

(from The Path to Prayer, Samuel Chadwick, page 54)

  • He found the place of intercession. It was here that Moses pleaded on behalf of the people He stood in the gap for a people who had wandering hearts. God calls us to speak on behalf of others, pleading their cause before Him.
  • He found and experienced the glory of God. Prayer changed Moses, causing him to be aglow with the glory of God when he came down from the mountain.

God calls us to spend time in prayer, in secret prayer.
He sees in secret.
He hears in secret.
He speaks in secret.

“Let us go up with Moses, that we may learn what he found in the mount of God.”
(Samuel Chadwick)


Photo by Aryan Fo on Unsplash 




  1. I love this, Joanne! All of it! One on One where there's nothing between me and God - yes! in the secret prayers! Shalom, friend! ~ Maryleigh

    1. Maryleigh, little did I know how much the word "prevail" would show up this year in my walk with God.

  2. I love that prayer was so frequent and natural for Moses. May it be for us as well.


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