Wednesday, June 9, 2021

How Did I Get Here

By: Jenifer Metzger

The last couple years have brought on more life changes than I could have ever imagined. The loss of my mother-in-law. The loss of my grandfather that left me grief stricken. Strained relationships with family members. "Retiring" from children's ministry after almost three decades. My daughter getting married. My son getting married. Becoming a grandmother. Completing homeschool after my youngest graduated.

So much change. Some incredible, some incredibly hard. The more different life became, the more I struggled. Last year I found myself in a place I had never, ever been. Lost, hurt, and alone, I felt deep wounds from all that was going on around me. Wounds that felt as though they were pulling me away from God. Yet I wanted desperately to cling to Him.

In her new book How Did I Get Here, Christine Caine says, "When I reflect on the wounds my heart has endured, I remember the ones that felt like simple scrapes, and the ones that seemed to leave a faint bruise for only a day or two. When I wasn't invited or included. When I was overlooked or dismissed. When I was misunderstood or misrepresented. When someone was careless with their words, leaving me feeling angry or a little less than. I think of the wounds that went deeper and took me a little longer to quit nursing. Like the times when I felt treated unjustly." Oh how I have felt these wound! But Christine goes on to say, "While some wounds seem to heal quickly and completely within one season of our lives, others heal gradually, little by little, one layer at a time."

Christine offers Biblical insight and teaching to finding our way back to God when we are feeling pulled away. She teaches us to stop controlling and start trusting, to stop seeping and start healing, to stop wandering and start wondering, to stop isolating and start gathering, to stop gorging and start hungering, to stop watching and start working, and to stop coasting and start pressing.

Maybe your struggles are different from mine. Maybe you haven't faced loss or life changes or broken relationships, maybe you just feel distant from God and yearn to get close to Him once again. Whatever it is, in How Did I Get Here Christine will challenge, inspire, and encourage you. She shares her journey of turning her eyes back to Jesus in her thoughts, prayers, actions, and the hard questions she asked along the way.

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