Sunday, March 14, 2021

Finding Hidden Treasure in God's Word

I believe it's been about two years now that I've begun my morning quiet time by writing Proverbs 3:5-6 at the top of each day's journal page. I used the version of these scriptures found in The Message Bible - "Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don't try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God's voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; He's the One Who will keep you on track." It became my daily reminder to do what it said-to trust God and to quit trying to figure things out myself.

This past week I thought I'd dig deeper into this passage. To do that I simply explored the words of the passage in the original language. What used to involve the need to have an extensive library of concordances and lexicons and other Bible study books is now readily available and accessible through apps like blue letter bible or bible hub . I simply googled the words "Hebrew lexicon for Proverbs 3:5" and the link to that verse in bible hub came up. Here's what it looks like.

When you click on the blue numbers it takes you to the word meanings in the original language. It also shows you where that same Hebrew word, (or Greek word in the New Testament), reoccurs in the Bible. It's a simple and powerful way to what I like to call "find hidden treasure" in God's Word. When you are ready to move on to the following verse you just click the blue arrow next to the scripture reference to move ahead or to move back to the previous verse. 

Here's the hidden treasure I discovered from Proverbs 3:5-7

Trust means to-to be confident, care free, secure, to rely on, to hope in

With ALL-altogether, always, any, with anyone, with anything, anywhere

Your heart-your innermost being

And lean not-don’t rely on, rest on, trust in, or be supported by “pillars” ( I realized from this that we can lean on "false pillars" that we have constructed or have been constructed by the culture/world.)

Your own understanding-your own “truth” (This made me realize that "our truth"  is our perception of reality based on our own experiences. Even our own life must be seen through the eyes of the only One Who sees all and knows all and is all truth.), discernment, knowledge, wisdom

In ALL-in everything, entirely, everywhere, in every way, whole, totally

Your ways-journey, acts, conduct, manner, character

Acknowledge HIM- This is the Hebrew word “Yada”-which means to recognize, be aware, to consider, to discern, to discover, to have, to respect, to be sure, to  have understanding, to have relationship with, to be intimate with, to be one with, to  be joined with (This word is the same word that would be used when a husband "knows" his wife in intimacy. In verses like these it is not referring to physical intimacy but to heart/spirit intimacy. It's knowing God and His character and His ways so intimately that He KNOW that we can trust Him with the leadership of our lives.)

Fear the Lord-be in reverential awe of

Depart-to avoid, to cut off, to put away, to separate, to strip away, to turn away from, to withdraw 

From Evil-wicked, wickedness, hurt, calamity, harm, trouble (God is serious about us becoming serious about turning away from sin but also from the pain and calamity and troubles of the past. We cannot live in the pain of the past and move forward into God's fullness at the same time.) 

Healing to your body-this word is connected to the idea of the umbilical cord-you will be connected to a life-giving, healing source (I found this to be such a beautiful visual. When we properly reverence God and let go of our sin, our painful past and the calamity and drama we too easily can be pulled into, then we become properly connected and nourished to God's lifegiving source that even blesses us physically! I do believe many times my own health struggles with physical issues, such as migraines, are connected to me not letting go of stress and offenses and frustrations and trusting in my own sinful responses to those things instead of trusting in God.)

I hope you were blessed by digging to find hidden treasure in God's Word with me and I hope you will use these simple tools to do some digging of your own!

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