Sunday, February 28, 2021

Honoring Others

It's been ten years since my mama went to heaven and there are still moments when I have an overwhelming sense of missing her. I think of the five grandchildren that have been added to our family since she passed away and how tickled she would be with each one of them. I think of questions I wished I had asked her about her life or how she made some of my favorite dishes. With the missing her, comes the knowledge that, at age 63, there are still times I find myself needing my mama. I don't need her to take care of me or to help me; I don't need her for what she could do for me. I need her for what she was to me. 

Knowing that we're wanted and needed is, I believe, a fundamental key to emotional health. I'm fond of telling my grandkids, "If all of the six year old boys, (insert age and sex of whatever grandchild I happen to be talking to at the moment), in the whole wide world were lined up in a big long line and God said, "Pick whichever boy you want as your grandson" I would always choose you." As we age I think it is still important to know that we are wanted and needed. Obviously, there's an unhealthy type of needing. If my grown/independent kids still need me to pay their bills and clean up after them, that's unhealthy. However, to know that you're a valuable and necessary part of someone's life, in the family circle or in the church, is extremely important in my opinion. My Mama's been in heaven ten years now, so I can no longer tell her that I need her, but there are a lot of people in my life that it's not too late for me to tell that they are a much wanted, much needed, important part of my life.

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