Wednesday, January 27, 2021

8 Ways to Worship God Throughout the Day

  By: Jenifer Metzger

Come, let us bow down in worship,
let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.
Psalm 95:6

Worship the Lord in the splendor of His
holiness; tremble before Him, all the earth.
Psalm 96:9

We read all throughout the Bible that we are created to and called to worship God. Too often people think of worship as the musical part of their church service. Oh! But worship is so much more! Music is a part of worship, yes, but it is only a part.

What is worship and how can we worship throughout the day?

To worship God means to show love, adoration, honor, and obedience to Him. So how do we show love, adoration, honor, and obedience to God throughout our busy day? Here are 8 ways to worship:

1. Start your day with God. For me personally, I have to do my quiet time -prayer, Bible reading, journaling- first thing in the morning. I know that if I don't do it right away, I won't do it. For you, lunch time, while the kids nap, or bedtime might work better. Whenever it is that you can set aside time for God, commit to starting your day with God. This can be a simple prayer of thanks before you get out of bed or maybe reading one verse from the Bible. Starting your day with God helps you to recognize Him first thing and set your mind on the right track for the day.

2. Have a quiet time each day. The quiet in quiet time can be misleading, I know. When my kids were little, it was rarely quiet in my house no matter the time of day. Now with four dogs, two being active puppies, the house is still rarely quiet. The term quiet time simply means intentional time set aside for prayer and Bible reading. Whatever time you choose to do it, just do it. Spend time reading the Word and talking with God.

3. Count your blessings each day. God is so good to us. He has blessed each and everyone of us beyond what we could even imagine. I've learned that even on the very bad days, there is always something to give thanks for. Each day write down a couple of things you are thankful for. Personally, each morning I always use my Bible journal to list my husband, my children and grandbaby, my home, and our jobs, then I try to list one or two extra things. Then, at bedtime I think back over my day and list two or three things that I am thankful for. This practice has helped me to become content and grateful.

4. Joyfully give your tithe and offering. We are told in the Bible to give our tithe -the first 10% of our income. In addition, we need to give an offering. When we give our tithe and offering, we are being obedient to a command from God. Recently I heard pastor Levi Lusko put it in a way I had never heard. He said "You give an offering. But you return a tithe. The Bible says the first 10% belongs to God, so you’re not giving it, you’re returning what is His." When we return our tithe to God, we are worshiping Him. While this may only be a weekly or bi-weekly act, depending on when you get paid, it is something you can joyfully look forward to and plan for each day.

5. Love others. We are also commanded by God to love others. As a Christian, we are to be Christ like. This means we need to love others -differences and all- with the love of Christ. When we love others, we are worshiping God.

6. Love yourself. When God commanded us to love others, He didn't add a fine print excluding our self. We need to love our self and take care of our self. Making sure you get enough sleep, eating food that is good for you, drinking water, exercise, these things can be an act of worship.

7. Enjoy His creation. God created this big, beautiful, amazing world for us. We need to praise Him for His creation and enjoy it. When you take a walk and marvel at creation, you are worshiping God. When you enjoy the song of a bird, scent of flowers, or wind rustling through, you are worshiping God.

8. Sing worship. Song is important to God, just look at King David all throughout the book of Psalm! Sing praises to God each day. We love to use our Alexa to play worship music in our home. We turn it on in the morning and it pretty much plays all day long. Sometimes we will turn it up and just have a time of worship.

These are 8 ways you can worship God throughout your busy day. What are other ways you can think of to worship God during the day? 

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  1. That's so true. Worship isn't just singing at church, and quiet time isn't the only time we spend with God. We can interact with Him and focus our thoughts on Him all through the day.

    I wrote this week about spiritual sacrifices mentioned in the NT:


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