Friday, December 11, 2020

A Christmas Prayer for Joy and Hope

By: Sarah Geringer 

Be joyful in hope. Romans 12:12 NIV

This Christmas is different from any other one we've experienced before. 

We are experiencing a drought of hope after nine long months of quarantine, and joy is scarce as well. 

But our God is faithful to answer our prayers. Let's ask him for both of these beautiful gifts in prayer today.

Heavenly Father,

We praise you for the joy and hope we find in you, 

no matter what our circumstances may be.

We need a fresh infusion of joy and hope this Christmas.

Our minds and souls are depleted after a long year

where joy and hope have been difficult to find.

Yet you invite us into the dark night of Bethlehem

over two thousand years ago

to rediscover the joy and hope first announced

to shepherds tending their flocks.

Joy and hope that rang out in the angels' song

compelling the shepherds to seek the Savior.

Joy and hope in Mary's eyes

as she gazed into the face of her newborn

and stored up treasures in her heart.

Joy and hope that Jesus gave

to everyone willing to receive it:

the tired, wretched, lame, blind,

poor, sick, marginalized, unwanted,

forgotten, rejected, lonely, abused.

Joy and hope that broke with the dawn

one Sunday morning in Jerusalem

when the stone was rolled away

from the tomb.

This Christmas, may we remember

our joy and hope are strongly secured

by the Prince of Peace, the Holy One

who is victorious over death

and offers us eternal life.

May we look forward with joy and hope

to the day when you will provide healing

for the nations, the day when there will be no more

darkness, crying, pain or suffering, 

the glorious day when we will reign with you

forever and ever. 

In Jesus' Name,


Scriptures referenced: Luke 2, Luke 24, Rev. 22

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Have a wonderful Christmas!

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