Friday, December 4, 2020

5 Ways to Choose Peace This December


By: Sarah Geringer 

Seek peace and pursue it. Psalm 34:14b NIV

How is your peace level right now in busy December? I know it may be off for many reasons. But you can choose peace this December with these five practical tips. As you intentionally apply them throughout the Advent season, your peace level will increase.

1. Enjoy an Advent devotional.

Advent is the perfect time to draw closer to God in your quiet time. I like to reread favorite devotionals each year, especially Ann Voskamp's The Greatest Gift. A few minutes of quiet time with God helps me reset my peace each morning. It's not too late to start this daily practice, friend!

2. Be a peace ambassador.

You can be an ambassador of peace to everyone in your circles of influence this Christmas. It will pay to pray now in preparation, especially for your most difficult relationships. I am finding encouragement to pray peace in my relationships from this free resource from Family Life.

3. Choose mindfulness.

It's easy to rush through the days without taking time to savor the beautiful moments. The fact that many holiday activities have been cancelled this year invites us to slow down and enjoy God's gifts in new ways. Linger by the lights of the Christmas tree, taking in its beauty while you praise God. Engage all five senses with tips from this post I wrote for W2W Ministries two years ago. By practicing mindfulness, you invite God's peace into your thoughts.

4. Journal your thoughts.

Journaling is scientifically proven to decrease your stress level. Keep a little notebook in your purse to jot down prayers, praises, ideas and thoughts while you run your errands. As you do this brain dumping, you'll offload your stress and make more room for God's peace in your mind.

5. Practice self-care.

Even when you take steps to choose peace, you probably can't eliminate all stress from this season. Our Christmas projects like shopping, baking and decorating often come with stress attached. You may also deal with stress from strains on your finances, health, relationships and more. It's important to care for yourself intentionally every day to offset this stress. Take a bubble bath, read a novel, or watch a Christmas movie every day. A bit of self-care each day will be a reward you anticipate that can increase your peace level.

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  1. An ambassador of peace - what a great calling! Praying peace over my family relationships - thank you Sarah

  2. Thank you Sarah for these practical ideas for finding peace in busy seasons! I'll definitely be using them.

  3. Thank you Sarah for these very practical tips on finding peace during difficult and busy seasons. I'll definitely be using them!

  4. Sarah thank you for these needed 5 ways to choose peace. So important to remember peace is a choice.

  5. I love your tips for having more peace during the busy Christmas season. Journaling in the morning helps me a lot.

  6. My top 2 - Be a peace ambassador and journall my thoughts. Thanks for the tips.

  7. My Top 2. Be a peace ambassador and journal my thoughts. Thanks for the tips.


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