Monday, September 21, 2020

I Have All That I Need

 By: Joanne Viola

"I have all that I need." (Psalm 23:1, NLT)

As we continue into this psalm, we find David making a pretty bold statement in the middle of adversity, “I have all that I need” or in the more familiar, “I shall not want.”

How is he able to say that?

To do so, we need to have a balanced view of our relationship with Christ and be rooted in the Word of God. David’s statement reveals three things:

  • Contentment. He was able to be content because he knew his life was in the hands of the One who could, and would, care for him best.
  • Confidence. David was confident in the deep love his Shepherd had for him. David knew the Shepherd would never neglect him, nor view helping him as in inconvenience.
  • Control. David knew every detail of his life lay in the control of his Shepherd. There was nothing that could happen or be given to him which was out of the control of God.

Each one of us, as God’s sheep, are precious to Him. He knows we are vulnerable, defenseless, and in lack. He is the one who has an abundant supply of all we need; and He knows what is necessary in our lives. This is the means by which He provides.

May we stay under His care, not straying in search of greener pastures. David was able to recognize he was not in need because all that he needed was found in Christ. Christ alone is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Creator and owner of everything.

As we stay under His care, we will also find Christ is our Source for every need, and is all we need.

“If He be a shepherd to no one else, He is a Shepherd to me. He cares for me, watches over me, and preserves me.”
(Charles Spurgeon)


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  1. "all that he needed was found in Christ" - it's taken me it feels like a lifetime for that to move from word knowledge to feeling it inside knowledge that allows me to rest in it!


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