Sunday, August 9, 2020

A Shift in Perspective

It is easy to lose our perspective in the valley seasons of life. At times it can feel as though we are trapped in a pit surrounded by insurmountable problems with no way out. Perhaps you are experiencing a valley season right now. In some ways, we are all in a valley season together as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, the economic shutdown and the civil unrest and tension that our nation is experiencing. But, there are some problems that are unique to you and your situation. If the schools don't open, some of you are wondering how you will  homeschool your children and work at the same time. Some of you have a loved one who is desperately ill from the virus and some of  you may have lost a loved one. Maybe you have suffered a job loss. You may feel desperate for some fellowship but your church is still unable to open up and meet in person. You may live in a city that is experiencing rioting and upheaval. Your business may be suffering. You may be a heavy hearted and discouraged and scared wondering if the racial division and inequalities in our nations will ever change. What constitutes a valley season for you and me is as diverse and unique as we are. But, the ways to get through a valley season pertain to all of us in spite of the uniqueness of our struggles.

Shift your perspective-Look up!
The only way to see your way through a valley season is to quit looking around at all of problems that are surrounding you in the valley and instead look up. Look up to the God Who created the heavens and the earth. If He created all of the wonders you see around you. If He created the wonder that is you, then He is creative and powerful enough to make a way for you through any problems you are facing. There is nothing too difficult for Him. Look up to the God Who rules on the throne of heaven-the God Who rules over the nations. Remember, He is ultimately in control even when everything around you seems out of control. Look up to the One Who sent His own Son to purchase your salvation. Why would He ever do that and then just leave you dangling to handle life's problems on your own. He's a good Father Who would never leave you alone in your time of trouble. Look up to the God Who has promised you that life on planet earth, with all of its brokenness and problems is not all there is. You are an eternal being with everlasting life ahead of you. Look up to the God Who is the resurrection and the life. If He can raise the dead then He can lift you up out of the pit you're in. Shift your perspective and look up to the God Who loves you and cares for you. Valley seasons don't last forever, but when you're in one, it sure can feel like they do! A shift in perspective will help you to get through it. Keep looking up, friends!


  1. Looking up is how I have gotten through this pandemic. I know that God has a plan even when I’m not sure what that plan is.


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