Friday, July 17, 2020

Spiritual Tips for Better Sleep

By: Sarah Geringer 

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O Lord, will keep me safe.
Psalm 4:8 NLT

Do you have trouble sleeping? You're in good company. About 70 percent of Americans have trouble sleeping at least one night per month, and about 10 percent have trouble sleeping every night!

My husband and I are both light sleepers. When we first married, we shared a double bed. This caused us to wake up several times a night, because we woke each other up while we tossed and turned. Getting a king-sized bed a few years later helped us sleep better.

This summer, we also tried something new to improve our sleep. We ordered blackout curtains for our east-facing, large bedroom windows. How I wish we would have ordered these years ago, because it makes a huge difference! A white-noise fan helps us too, and when necessary, I add a sleeping mask.

All these tips and tricks aren't foolproof, however. We often have disrupted sleep because our minds aren't at rest. Many of us go to bed with hundreds of worries still on our minds. No wonder we can't get a full night of rest!

I love this psalm because it gives us a practical tip. If we pray this verse before lying down, we are trusting God to be in control of our sleep. We trust him to keep us safe during the night and give us peace for better rest. Declare this verse and go to sleep with confidence in God.

Here are a few more spiritual tips to help you get better sleep:

1. Pray before you go to bed. 
Surrender your to-do list to him, along with all your worries. If you fall asleep while doing this, that's just fine with God. He wants to hear from you, especially before you go to sleep.

2. If you wake up during the night, consider it a call for prayer. 
Many times, God speaks most clearly to me in the middle of the night. Don't fret or fume; ask God to speak to you in his still, small voice. You may learn to recognize God's whisper in the night better than any other time of day.

3. Commit your sleep problem to regular prayer. 
If you struggle with sleep most nights, it's possible that you are dealing with a spiritual stronghold. Pray that God will reveal the source of your sleeping struggles and help you treat it with the safest, most effective methods. Sometimes prayer alone can solve your sleeping problem!

Do you have other spiritual tips for sleeping better? I'd love to hear from you!

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