Sunday, May 31, 2020

Words for God Alone

"I love you, Lord 
and I lift my voice
to worship You.
Oh my soul, rejoice!
Take joy my King
in what You hear.
Let it be a sweet, sweet sound
in Your ear." 
-Maranatha Music

I love the simple chorus, "I love You, Lord." I love to sing it to God. For years I've sung it, not only in church, but with my children and now my grandchildren. I love to tell God that I love Him. But, the truth is, I say the words "I love you" to a lot of people. I say "I love you" to my husband, to my children, to my grandchildren, to my extended family, to my church family and to my friends. I don't reserve the words "I love you" for God alone. BUT, there are three little words that I never say to anyone but to God, the Creator of heaven and earth, the Author and Finisher of our salvation, the One Who gave us His inspired, inerrant Word through human writers. Those three little words reserved for God alone are "I worship You." 

While God commands us to have no other gods but Him, I don't save the words "I worship You" for Him out of duty but because I love Him and want to honor and serve Him alone. I believe with all that is in me that there are no other god but Him, the One True God, and so there is no one or nothing else for me that is worthy of those words.

God's desire for us to worship Him and Him alone is not because there is some lack or need in Him. God is holy. He is whole and complete and pure and perfect. He doesn't need anything. Does He desire our worship? Yes, He does. He is a relational God Who delights in two way communication with us. He pours love upon us and we respond to Him in love and adoration and worship. I also believe that He knows that worship is good for us. Worship takes our minds off of ourself and our circumstances and focuses us on God and Who He is. Life has a way of making our problems seem bigger than God. But, when we worship, things come into proper perspective. We magnify God and He becomes bigger in our eyes than us and our problems- because He truly is!

Try it with me. In the quiet of your own private time with the Lord say aloud the words meant for Him and Him alone. "I worship You, God. You alone are God. You alone are worthy of my worship. To You alone I give my love and adoration and worship." Such simple words, but what power they contain-power to put life back into proper perspective.


  1. Beautiful. When I whispered those words to God in the quiet of my kitchen they seemed to make the place more sacred and I could feel His presence.

  2. Love that Elizabeth. I worship him, but have never said those words out loud or even in my prayer. Thank you, and thank God for laying them on your heart so you could give to us in your post. :)

    1. Isn’t it wonderful that we are always growing in our relationship with God!

  3. Beautiful Truth... we were made to worship --and He alone is worthy to be worshiped! What a perfect match!


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