Sunday, April 12, 2020

People of Hope

“…my flesh also will dwell in hope (will encamp, pitch its tent, and dwell in hope in anticipation of the resurrection.) 
(Acts 2:26 Amplified Bible)

We, the Easter people, the people who know, love and serve a living Savior live in a land called Hope.  While our flesh and blood walk this earth, the worst we can imagine here, is still not the end.  We have hope eternal, we serve Hope Eternal, and we live in the land of hope eternal.

One of my favorite Bible verses is found in Hosea 2:15 (Amplified Bible)  “…I will make the valley of Achor (troubling) to be for her a door of hope and expectation.  And she shall sing there…”  This valley was the place of one of Israel’s biggest failures.  It was the place of their defeat at Ai due to sin in the midst of the people.  There, in the place of failure due to their own disobedience, God opens a door of hope and expectation.  There, she responds to this God of Great Grace, with song.

To the Easter people, the end is not the end.  Not the end created by circumstances beyond our control, not the end due to our own wrong choices.  The resurrected Christ is our Door of Hope to life eternal, and our Door of Hope that we will see and experience His goodness here in the land of the living. 
(Psalm 27:13 Amp.)

We, the Easter people abound, overflow, bubble over with Hope.
(Romans 15:13 Amp.)


  1. Elizabeth, I am so grateful you reminded us of Hosea 2:15. I can still remember the very first time that verse sprang alive in my life. It still has the same effect today. Praise God, He is our Door of Hope. May you and your family have a blessed Easter!

  2. Happy Easter to you. I will be looking more closely at that verse.

  3. So good and so true in my life.

  4. Timely post. Yes, we are living in a season of hope.


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