Sunday, March 15, 2020

We've Been Asked To Pray

Our nation and our world is in crisis. The coronavirus has not just caused a worldwide pandemic, but a worldwide crisis of fear and panic. In our nation, churches, schools, sporting events, etc. have been shut down to prevent further spread of the virus. People have responded to the news in panic and now grocery store shelves are empty. It all seems quite surreal. Our president has asked our nation to pray, asking that Sunday, March 15th be a National Day of Prayer. It doesn't matter if you voted or didn't vote for our president. I'm sure we can all agree that our nation and world need our prayers. If you're like me, sometimes you get asked to pray and then can't think of exactly what to pray. I thought perhaps it would help if I came up with a list of suggestions.

Pray for the lost. There is some measure of anxiety and fear in all of us as we are suddenly facing the reality that things in our world can turn topsy turvy very unexpectedly and very quickly. For the Christ follower, however, there is the assurance of God's promise to never leave or forsake us, the assurance of His peace, the assurance of His care for us and the assurance of eternity. Imagine facing all of this chaos with no assurance and no hope. Pray for those you know who have not received Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for the lost in our nation and around the world. Pray that there will be a great ingathering of people into God's family during this time.

Pray for the church. Pray that God's love is seen through His people during this crisis. Pray that God's people would be ruled by peace and be strong in faith-that they would be a calming, reassuring presence in the midst of the panic and fear. Pray for those who, for the first time are being told that they cannot gather in their churches. Pray for pastors and church leaders to have wisdom as to how to navigate this season and lead their churches well. Pray for finances to not be affected by church shutdowns. Pray for God's church to know how they can help others in practical ways and to shine bright during this dark season.

Pray for our governmental leaders. From mayors and city counsel members, to governors and state legislators, to the President and Congress our governmental leaders need God's wisdom at this time.

Pray for the economy. Pray for those who's jobs are affected by the coronavirus shutdowns. Pray for working parents that don't know what to do about childcare with the schools shut down. Pray for the economies of affected nations to re-stabilize.

Pray for medical personnel who are weary, overworked and overwhelmed.

Pray for the elderly in nursing facilities and retirement homes who are not allowed to have visitors due to the risk of possible infection by the coronavirus.

Pray for your own family and children. In the book of Exodus, when Egypt experienced a plaque of darkness, the homes of the children of Israel were still filled with light. Ask God that your home and family would be filled with His light during this time. Pray over your children who may be confused, anxious and fearful about what is going on.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful. Now, let me pray for you. Dear Father, We thank you that You are on the throne ruling over all. We thank you that nothing that is happening in our world has caught you by surprise. Thank You, God that You rule and reign and are still in control. Please God, keep us in the eye of the hurricane. Keep us in the place of peace and stillness within even though stormy times are raging around us. Our confidence and trust is in You, God. You are the immovable foundation under our feet during turbulent times.  Hide us in the shelter of Your wings, keep us healthy and well and safe, while at the same time keep us awake and alert and aware of the needs of those around us and show us how to do our part to help others. Be glorified in us and through us during this time. In Jesus Name, Amen.


  1. Very good and thank you. I hope you are recovering from your illness. Will continue to pray. I am so sad for all who are suffering.

  2. I’m doing well, Linda. Thank you!


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