Wednesday, November 13, 2019


By: Jenifer Metzger

Pain is something no one is a stranger to. We have all experienced it. We will all experience it again. The pain of losing a loved one, of a severed relationship, a dream stripped away, even physical pain. It's there. Sometimes we think we are past the pain, past the sleepless nights, when out of the blue, that dull ache comes right back.

There is one thing about pain though, we never face it alone.

God knows. He sees. He hears.

Sister, whatever pain you are facing right now, please know that God knows. He sees those sleepless nights, He knows when your heart races, He catches your tears. You are not alone.


Knowing that God knows my tears prompted me to choose this beautiful necklace from Holly Lane Christian Jewelry. The necklace, lovingly called Tears, is a reminder that He hears our tears like prayers.

Holly Lane Christian Jewelry is handmade wearable reminders of Truth. Each piece comes with a story card, a note with the verse that inspired your jewelry piece. You can shop by jewelry or by Scripture verse. 

The quality of the jewelry is amazing. When you order online, you just never really know exactly what you are getting. With Holly Lane, you are getting high quality jewelry that will last you. Every piece is beautifully packaged and arrives to your door quickly.

To enter to win a $100 gift card to Holly Lane Christian Jewelry, click HERE.

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  1. Jenifer, this is the second time this week seeing this company mentioned. I had never heard of them. Their jewelry is lovely. It may be time to make a definite selection for a few gifts this year :)

    My post today:

  2. Thanks for this intro to a lovely source of gifts!
    And I'm writing about friendship this week by sharing a collection of books that focus on friendship.

  3. Knowing that God knows what we're going through, and He is with us, makes all the difference.

    I wrote this week about God's Deadlines:

  4. Jennifer, that necklace is beautiful. I wrote about communication in marriage this week,


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