Sunday, October 6, 2019

Even Though, I Will Rejoice

I think we're sometimes hesitant to be honest and admit that it's easier to give thanks, to be joyful and rejoice in the Lord, when our life circumstances are to our liking, when things are going our way.

The words of Habakkuk in chapter three amaze me,

"Even though the fig trees have no blossoms,
    and there are no grapes on the vines;
even though the olive crop fails,
    and the fields lie empty and barren;
even though the flocks die in the fields,
    and the cattle barns are empty,
yet I will rejoice in the Lord!

    I will be joyful in the God of my salvation!"

I don't think Habakkuk's choice to rejoice in spite of his circumstances is a natural response of the flesh but a supernatural response of his spirit. The mind and emotions may kick and scream that life isn't fair, may want to do anything but rejoice, may want to do anything but choose to be thankful, but once our will makes a choice I believe the Holy Spirit helps us to do the impossible-to actually praise and thank God in the middle of a difficult day, in the middle of our messy circumstances, even in the middle of heartache.

I think it's best to be honest with God and tell Him when it's hard to give thanks, when it's hard to rejoice, and ask for His help. I believe that God never asks us to do something that He's not going to enable us to do. If His word tells us to rejoice always, then I believe He is willing to help us to do so.
We can ask Him for help to have eyes to see the blessings in our life when things aren't going our way.
We can ask Him for help to trust Him and to know that He is in control no matter what.
We can ask Him for help to remember that He will never leave us helpless or relax His hold on us.
We can ask Him to enable us so that we too can say "I WILL rejoice!" no matter what "even though" circumstance we are facing.


  1. I think that the most true times I spend with God are the times when I say, “I believe, help my unbelief.”

  2. I love those verses in Habakkuk. Rejoicing is a choice of the will, and joy is the result of making the right choice in every "even though" circumstance. Beautiful and powerful post, Elizabeth!


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