Friday, September 6, 2019

The Difference Daily Bible Study Makes

By: Sarah Geringer

Are you in a busy season right now? I don't know many people who aren't.

I'm in one of the busiest seasons of my life. It threatens to destroy my peace with all the to-do's. Yet I'm enjoying it much more than usual, thanks to starting the day with God and his Word.

Since 2003, I've used the One Year Bible almost every morning. That means I will have read through the entire Bible 16 times at the end of this year. 

On the mornings I read the daily portion, I have greater peace all day. I always write down a few verses that stick out to me in the reading and meditate on them throughout the day. No matter how familiar I am with the verse, the Holy Spirit teaches me something new from it almost every time.

On the mornings I skip the daily reading, I notice within a few hours. My temper is hotter and my irritation level is higher. I feel stress close in on me faster when I haven't taken the time to put on my spiritual armor. The first few years, I beat myself up for missing days. Now, I just get back on track as soon as possible, sometimes reading at lunch instead. (This was especially true when I was nursing my babies or dealing with sickness--we all need grace in those times.)

Reading God's Word isn't like waving a magic wand over our problems. It's not the reading itself that has power to give us peace. No, it's being in God's presence, one on one, listening to him and experiencing his love and teaching. A daily Bible reading habit builds your relationship with God. That's why it's so powerful.

The verse that stood out to me this morning is this:

"God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble." Psalm 46:1 NLT

God is ALWAYS ready to help us. But it's easier for us to KNOW and FEEL that when we spend time in his presence. I think that's the difference between the days I meet with God and the days I skip. The same old troubles and temptations happen every day after my reading. But by sitting with God first, I realign my attitude to the truth in his Word.

Daily Bible study is the best morning vitamin we can take against stress. If you're not yet in a habit of meeting God first thing every day, try starting tomorrow! You only need 5 to 10 minutes to pray, read a passage of Scripture, and meditate on its meaning. Test this out for 30 days and let me know how it goes for you--I'm certain you will be blessed with more peace.

Here's a prayer to bless you this week:

Heavenly Father,
I praise you because you give me your Word.
You want to speak to me through the pages of Scripture.
I confess that I have not always made daily Bible study a priority.
Help me put you first every day.
I trust that your Word will help me grow in faith.
Thank you for making your Word so accessible in this age.
I want to hide it in my heart for greater peace.
Lead me to the Bible translation or devotional you want me to use, starting this week.
In Jesus' name,
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Have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings and God's peace to you,

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Reflection questions:

1. Which Bible translation do you like best for daily study?

2. Which hour of the day is best for you to consistently meet with God?


  1. Sarah, daily Bible reading has made all the difference in my life. And you are so right ... when we skip a morning, those around us will surely notice. I remember one day when my kids were young, that I was quite irritable and I was asked, "Did you do your quiet time?" Sadly, I had not but I learned a most valuable lesson.

  2. I can certainly feel the difference between days I get into the Word and days I don't. (Fortunately, the latter are rarer these days. I learned my lesson!)


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