Friday, August 9, 2019

Finding Peace Between a Rock and a Hard Place

By: Sarah Geringer

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I put my hope. 

Psalm 130:5

Are you in between a rock and a hard place? With God's help, you can find peace despite this tough situation.
Right now I’m inside a situation which tempts me to frustration, bitterness, and discouragement almost every day.
A place down inside a dusty cavern, where nourishing light and refreshing water are in short supply. I can’t get out of this situation without painful consequences. 

If I stay put, I’m uncomfortable. But if I move downward, I’m further stuck, and if I try to climb up, I may get wounded. I’m between a rock and hard place, and the enemy Satan is trying to steal my peace there. 

However, I am finding peace in this hard situation with God’s help. Here are four ways I’m finding peace inside the problem, and you can apply these tips to your own tough situation. 

1. Draw close to God. 
I am meditating on God’s Word and praying about this situation daily. I pray that God will help me get through one day at a time and have the best attitude possible, even if nothing good happens. Use scripture meditation and prayer every day in your hard place, and God will give you peace.

2. Depend on Christian friends. 
I am confiding in a few trusted Christian friends who share wisdom and encouragement with me. This relieves some of my internal pressure over a situation which must be kept confidential. Peace washes over me when I hear affirmation and direction from brothers and sisters in Christ.
3. Take regular prayer walks. 
When the pressure fills me to bursting, I take a walk to release the built-up adrenaline which spurs me to lash out in anger. As I walk, I take deep breaths and pray for God to set a guard at my mouth (Psalm 141:3). Prayer walks are a wonderful way to release some of the pressure from being in between a rock and a hard place.
4. Guard your heart.
I work hard to guard against critical judgment of the people at fault. Instead, I look at the situation as an object lesson on what not to do. I don’t want to create a rock-and-hard-place for someone else! By guarding your heart, you will take the high road in your tough situation.

Here's a prayer to encourage you today:

Heavenly Father,
You know exactly where I am, in between a rock and a hard place.
You have measured the depths and set the timing for this trial. It is fully under your control.
Teach me to choose your perfect peace even while I'm inside this tough situation.
Make me more like your Son as I wait for your deliverance.
In Jesus' name, Amen.
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Have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings and God's peace to you,

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Reflection questions:

1. Where do you turn for help or relief when you’re in between a rock and a hard place?

2. If you’re in a situation like this now, which trusted friends will give you encouragement?

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