Sunday, July 28, 2019

When you need to reboot...

Dualistic thinking, us versus them thinking which is so prevalent in our culture, is even evident in our choices of cell phones. You are either an iPhone lover or hater. Me, I'm an Apple lover for one reason. Got something glitchy going on with your iPhone or Mac computer or iPad? There's aren't many things that turning it off and then back on again won't solve. The definition of reboot is to restart or revive, to give fresh impetus to. It's sometimes necessary for your smart phone and even more necessary for you and I!

Continuing with this analogy, just as our phone can get "glitchy" and need to be rebooted in order to start functioning as it should, there are times we can get "glitchy" and need rebooting as well. For example, let's say you're feeling irritable and easily annoyed and generally out of sorts. Rebooting for you could be as easy as getting a good night's sleep or going on a good brisk walk in the outdoors. It's amazing how something as simple as some rest and some exercise can change our perspective.

Sometimes, however, the glitch is more than a physical issue-it's a spiritual one. In my own life, I've often described it like this, when I'm "running smoothly" spiritually, my innermost being feels like butter in God's hands. I can tell that there's no resistance in me to His will and His ways. I'm able to hear His voice in my spirit. I'm able to sense His presence. I'm more loving, kind, patient and giving in my relationships. When I'm spiritually "glitchy" I sense resistance and irritation within myself. I am more easily irritated and annoyed with others. I become more selfish and self-absorbed. Like a smart phone that isn't functioning as it should, I'm not operating at optimal spiritual capacity. I need to reboot.

Four ways to spiritually reboot:

Spend some extra time with God. I most often get out of sorts spiritually when my schedule has gotten out of hand and I haven't had adequate time alone with God. I need time to read the Bible and to have honest heart to Heart conversation with God in prayer to keep myself spiritually healthy. There have been times that I've had to actually cancel something on my calendar in order to have a couple of hours of quiet time with Jesus because I know that a spiritually depleted Elizabeth is not a happy, fully functioning Elizabeth.

Pray Psalm 51.  In the Bible, King David is called a man after God's own heart. It sure wasn't because he was a paragon of virtue. He had some serious sin issues. But, what he also had was a heart of repentance. Psalm 51 is his prayer of repentance. Much of the time, my spiritual glitchiness is due to a sinful attitude that I'm struggling with. Praying through Psalm 51 and personalizing it is a powerful way to reboot and get a fresh start.

Take communion.  There's just something about taking the emblems of the Lord's broken body and shed blood and contemplating the truth of what they symbolize that is so powerful. In my own life it's one of the most effective ways for me to reboot. It reminds me that my transgressions, my deliberate sins in thought, word or deed, are forgiven and that my iniquities, those bends in my personality caused by generational influences and life experiences, are washed. It also reminds me that I am bought with a price, I belong to God, so it confronts my self-willed, selfish behavior.

Let it all out to God in prayer.  I mentioned earlier that sometimes we can reboot by taking a brisk walk outdoors. A nice, long, brisk walk combined with a good heart baring talk with God is one of my favorite ways to reboot. You can tell how intense my conversation with God is by how fast I walk! There is nothing you can't talk to God about, nothing you can't say to Him. If you've thought it, He already knows it, so you might as well be honest and just admit it. Clear the air between you and God by letting it all out to Him in honest prayer.

We aren't ashamed to admit that our body needs a good night's sleep in order to reboot. Yet, it's all too easy to let pride get in the way and hinder us from admitting that we are struggling spiritually. I hope these suggestions are helpful to you. They are simple but powerful. I would add that asking a trusted friend to pray for you is another thing I would recommend or ask for prayer in the comments. I'd also love to hear what God does in you as you try some of these reboot suggestions.


  1. Elizabeth, I am an "Apple" person myself for the very reason you have shared. This analogy is not wasted on me as I so get it. May we be wise when we sense we're off and reboot quickly. Have a blessed Sunday!

  2. You have a blessed Sunday as well! Thank you for your encouragement.


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