Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Apart From Him

By: Jenifer Metzger

I love tulips! Our local grocery store always has a selection of beautiful cut tulips. I love purchasing a bouquet and placing them in vases throughout my home. Normally my tulips will last about a week then it is time to throw them out. They don't grow new tulips because they have been cut from their source.

When we are apart from our source, we do not grow. If we are not in the Word, not in prayer, not living for God, we will not grow. We must stay connected to our Source.

Recently I had a discussion with someone who felt far away from God. When I asked how their prayer life was, they admitted they weren't really in prayer. When I asked if they were in the Word, they said it had been awhile. They cut them self from the source and therefore were not growing in God. Just like my tulips, they were wilting with time. The only way to find that life and growth again is to get back to the roots: prayer and Bible reading.

If you feel like you are too far apart from God, ask yourself, have I been in the Word on a daily basis? Am I praying to God throughout my day, more than a meal time prayer? Let's strive to be women who remain in God.

It's time for Share A Link Wednesday! Each Wednesday we invite you to leave a link to your latest blog post in the comments. We still desire to connect women of God with one another and encourage each other in Christ. So grab a cup of coffee or glass of sweet tea, sit back and visit a few blogs. Be encouraged and share your own stories.


  1. So true - we need God's Word so much. I wrote this week about what we miss if we forsake church:

  2. "When we are apart from our source, we do not grow." It seems so simple, yet we make it so hard, trying to thrive all on our own instead of depending on Christ for nourishment. Thanks for sharing the tulip analogy. I love tulips too.

    I wrote a roundup post this week of links, books, and things I love:

  3. Great reminders of how to stay close to the Lord.

    A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to interview Jessica DeYoung on my radio show. She wrote a blog on my site about 5 Things You Should Know When You are Healing After Abortion:

    My next post is Do You Trust God In Everything? I wrote after God challenged me with the word ALL in scripture.

  4. "When we are apart from our source, we do not grow." We desire to grow but can only do so as we stay attached to the Vine. Such a good reminder!

    My post this week is a book review on prayer as I need to move some mountains:

  5. I so desire to remain steadfast in my connection with Jesus. I walk away now and again, but I seem so much better to know when I stray and do come back. Jesus never lets me go and I am so very grateful. I am studying Hosea right now and the Israelites kept straying too. God loved them with the most beautiful love even when they worshiped idols.

  6. This keeps coming up with me. Life is just FULL right now. But I need to get back to basics. I have been spending as much time as possible with my 6 year old, teaching him to read his Bible. Now I need personal mommy Bible time. Thanks.


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