Monday, June 24, 2019

Eighteen Summers

By: Joanne Viola

School is out and the first day of summer arrived last week.

I always looked forward to summer. Summer always meant easier days. I didn't need to drive our children to school. No homework and projects to help them with, or the making of lunches.

Summer meant days of playing outside in kiddie pools, sprinklers and mid-afternoons of taking a ride to a favorite ice cream place to get slush.

Those really were the days. I still love summers even though my children are now grown and married and I have granddaughters.

And here's why ...

Remembering a tweet by @KarenKingsubury several years ago brings a wise reminder yet again:
Eighteen summers with your kids. Use them wisely.
Just thinking of how quickly the summers passed, brings tears to my eyes. Time passes in a flash.

And I have been given grace. Grace in which I can enjoy summer all over again, in and through the lives of my grandchildren.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.”
(Ecclesiastes 3:1, NIV)

May we not let this summer pass. Yes, King Solomon and Karen Kingsbury have said it well ...

Eighteen summers.
Use them wisely and
Make a memory!


  1. I agree, time passes so quickly! Thanks for this reminder to make the most of it and to create some happy memories!

  2. My youngest just graduated from high school - so I had 33 summers where it was refreshing, the schedule stopping and just savoring the pausing place! I will admit - I am looking forward to the new season - but I have little grands - and maybe that is the soothing balm to the rough change of seasons!

  3. We have three granddaughters and summer days spent with them is just the best! May you enjoy the time you have even with this next generation coming up as we can leave an imprint on them as well. May you have a blessed summer!


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