Friday, May 10, 2019

My Diverse Spiritual Background

By: Sarah Geringer

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6 NIV
Jesus wooed me to himself through the influence of several Christian denominations. He also helped me show love to people of different denominations through the years. Here is my diverse journey.
For generations, my family spiritual heritage has come primarily from the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. I attended a LCMS grade school and church, which shaped my childhood understanding of God’s truth and his Word. I knew the Bible stories inside out and I memorized hundreds of Bible verses. I am thankful for that beginning which grounded me strongly in God's Word.
From the age of 12, I watched Dr. Charles Stanley on Sunday night television. His preaching is undeniably Baptist, and it is grounded firmly in God’s Word. After one of those Sunday night sermons, I experienced spiritual rebirth at age 15. I have been listening to Dr. Stanley for almost 25 years now on television and radio. Probably no other teacher has shaped my faith more than him.
In high school I attended a small Presbyterian church. A friend in that church led me to my alma mater, Covenant College, the official school of the Presbyterian Church in America. At Covenant I gained a solid biblical worldview, and I was inspired to reform and redeem every circle of my influence. For the past 15 years or so, I’ve listened to Dr. John MacArthur, a Presbyterian Bible teacher, via radio or podcast. I also consider Tim Keller, a well-known Presbyterian pastor in New York City, a major influence in my faith.
I have some exposure to the Catholic church through my stepfather’s family and through my husband’s family and friends. The best takeaway I’ve had from Catholicism is the imagery of believers as priests, a practical application of the book of Hebrews. I have mixed feelings about certain Catholic teachings, but I have loving relationships with many Catholic believers.
Since 2006 I have participated in Bible Study Fellowship, a non-denominational group. I have grown so much from the BSF method: interacting with God’s Word alone, discussing it in a small group, listening to a lecture, then reading the commentary. It’s wonderful to see how God’s Word unites believers through BSF, and I’ve made many friends there.
Jesus is the thread who runs through all my spiritual influences. He gave me a love for his Word in the Lutheran church. He made me strong in the Spirit through Baptist teaching. He called me to action in the Presbyterian church. He increased my compassion through my relationships with Catholics. He brought me to spiritual maturity through non-denominational Bible study. 

My story is His story. He is my Way, my Truth, and my Life. I thank him for teaching me many truths from various Christian denominations. How has God wooed you through your religious background? 
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Reflection questions:

1. What is your religious background? How did it shape your faith?

2. If you are in a different denomination than when you were younger, how has God taught you multiple truths through your diverse experiences?


  1. Amazing how God has so faithfully deposited into your life through various denominations. Thank you for reminding me this morning of how the Lord has used the radio ministry of so many to shape and grow me in His ways. For me, it has been Chuck Swindoll, who impacted me in ways I will forever be grateful. Blessings!

  2. I have listened to Chuck's sermons for years, and his book Improving Your Serve has been instrumental to my faith. Blessings to you, and Happy Mother's Day as well!

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