Sunday, March 24, 2019

Why should I read the Bible?

Our physical bodies need light, water and food to be healthy and to grow. The Bible, God's Word, is light, water and food to our inner being, our mind, will and emotions, and to our innermost being, our spirit. For our mind to be renewed, our emotions to be healthy, and our will to be strengthened to make right choices, we need the spiritual light, water and nutrition of God's Word. Our spirit, the command central of the Holy Spirit within us, should be in control of our mind, will and emotions if it is being properly nourished on the Word.

Over the years, many believers have confessed to me that they struggle to read and understand the Bible. While they know that the Word of God is important in their lives, many don't realize that it isn't just important, it's absolutely vital. Just as you cannot survive physically without light, food and water, you cannot survive spiritually, and you certainly cannot thrive, without the Word of God. You cannot come into full spiritual maturity, have a renewed mind, walk in the fullness of inner healing and deliverance, or be victorious over your own flesh or the wiles of the enemy without the Word of God. It is the tool that the Holy Spirit uses in our lives to transform us in all of those areas.

If you struggle to read and understand the Bible, if you struggle to even want to read the Bible, you are not alone. Your struggle is not an uncommon one. The first step to overcoming this struggle is to agree with the fact that the Bible is indispensable in your life. Until you embrace that truth, you won't do anything to change. Second, is to confess to God your struggle and ask for help. God wants to speak to you through His Word. The Holy Spirit wants to help you to understand the Word. Just ask! Third, is to decide you are going to take some action to engage with God's Word. These steps are the most important part, because the truth is, actually getting the Word into you isn't that difficult. Here are some options for you to try.

-Look for a translation of the Bible you can understand. Download You Version and you can read the Bible in pretty much any translation there is. Once you find one that you can like, then you may want to order a paper and ink Bible in that translation.

-Don't overwhelm yourself by thinking that you have to read large quantities every day. Read small portions of scripture slowly and carefully, then ponder what God is speaking to you.

-Listen to the Bible being read and follow along. On You Version, many translations have an audible option. You can listen while following along in your written Bible, or listen while you drive to and from work or while you exercise. Later, you can always look up things that stand out to you while you're listening.

-Buy a devotional that includes scripture. Many devotionals will include a portion of Scripture to read, or a couple of scriptures for you to look up in your Bible.

-Join a Bible study. Your church may have a Bible study or small group that is studying a book of the Bible or a scriptural topic. There are also wonderful online Bible studies that you can join. If you need some recommendations ask in the comments and we would be happy to help you.

Where do I start, you might ask. Why not start with these verses found in Psalm 119 that speak about some of the benefits of the Word?

Psalm 119:11 -God's Word helps us to resist sin
Psalm 119:24 -God's Word gives us counsel
Psalm 119:25, 50 -God's Word revives us
Psalm 119:28 -God's Word lifts us up and strengthens us
Psalm 119:45 -God's Word helps us to walk in liberty
Psalm 119:52 -God's Word comforts us
Psalm 119:81,114 -God's Word helps us to have hope
Psalm 119:98 -God's Word makes us wise
Psalm 119:99,104,130 -God's Word gives us understanding and insight
Psalm 119:105 -God's Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path
Psalm 119:133 -God's Word directs our steps
Psalm 119:65 -God's Word gives us peace and keeps us from offense and stumbling

Lastly, if you have a struggle to want to read God's Word or to understand it, I would love to pray for you and to ask God to help you. Just leave a comment!


  1. Great encouragement for the young believer or for those who have struggled reading their Bibles, Elizabeth. My hubby tells me that when he first began reading his Bible on a daily basis, he'd keep a Bible dictionary nearby for quick reference.

  2. Great advice Elizabeth. Read in short parts and it makes it so interesting, and I like to write the parts that catch my attention. Make notes, and then when I re-read the Bible, I realize some things I didn't catch at first. It is a great read. :)


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