Friday, March 1, 2019

The Power of Consideration

By: Sarah Geringer

We who are strong must be considerate of those who are sensitive about things like this. We must not just please ourselves. Romans 15:1 NLT

The biblical virtue I feel is truly rare in our busy, self-centered culture is consideration.

It’s not in our human nature to consider others’ needs ahead of our own. We are born considering our needs and desires most important, and it takes maturity to recognize that others have important needs too.

We show consideration when we intentionally put another’s needs ahead of our own. If you have ever been a mama, you showed consideration when you woke up to feed your baby at 2:00 a.m. I’m sure you’ve shown consideration in many other ways to your family members, coworkers, fellow church members and even strangers.

Recently, my 12-year-old son showed consideration to me. Will you let me brag on him a little bit?

We went to my husband’s office to use the high-speed internet (oh, how I’m ready for it to arrive at our home in 2019!). He set up his video game console in one room, and I set up my computer in an adjacent room. I was already busy downloading work articles when he came in to ask me a question.

“What do you need?” I asked in a rather absent way, still focused on my task.

He said, “Mom, is my video game is too loud? I know you’re working, and I don’t want it to distract you. I can turn it down if you want.”

Well, that statement got my attention. I tore my eyes away from the screen and looked in his. “The volume is just fine. I didn’t even notice it. Thank you for asking!” I said. I gave him a little pat on the shoulder and we resumed our activities.

On the ride home, I told him how much I appreciated his thinking about my needs when he could have just jumped into playing his game. I explained what consideration is and how rare it is in our society. We discussed examples of inconsiderate behavior, like interrupting, butting in lines, jockeying for parking spaces, tailgating, and leaving clothes piled in the dressing room rather than hanging them on the take-back rack. (Know I’m not pointing fingers, because I’ve done all those things at least once in my life.)

My son and I discussed how our inconsideration burdens and offends others and could lead to accidents (as in driving). We also talked about how our consideration of others stands out like a bright light in the darkness and can attract others with its quiet power.

One of the highest ways to love another person is to put his or her needs above your own. That’s the life Jesus calls us to live. It’s challenging, but so rewarding. The story of the Good Samaritan is an ideal example of consideration. This man poured himself out for another person, without any guarantee of a happy outcome or even a simple “thank you.” That’s the kind of consideration God has for us, and he desires us to share that consideration with others.

When you show consideration to another person, especially a stranger, they see God’s light in you. When you show consideration to your enemy, you offer life and peace instead of condemnation. Even our smallest acts of consideration have the power to show Jesus to others.

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Reflection questions:

1. Who has shown you great consideration? How did this person’s selfless consideration make you feel?

2. Which person comes to mind first when you think about showing consideration? What practical way can you show consideration to his or her needs this week?


  1. Simple but practical and honest advice we all can put into practice, Sarah-thanks for sharing! Happy to share!

  2. Hi Sarah, I have been told I treat people better than me so I guess I am considerate. What a good conversation with your son. Being late, not phoning or returning calls, not even a thank you. I see lots of inconsiderate people.


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