Sunday, December 9, 2018

A prayer for peace...

This is part three of a Sunday Soul Food series on peace.
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A prayer for peace-

Father God,

I thank You that you sent Jesus, my Prince of Peace, so that I can have peace with You.  I want to walk in love and unity with You. I know that I cannot have true peace within if I am walking in resistance or disobedience to Your will and your ways. If there is anything in my thoughts, words or deeds or in the affections and desires of my heart that is robbing me of the peace that You want me to have, please show me what it is. Bring everything within me to into obedience to You and Your ways so that Your peace can rule my heart, mind and life.  Forgive me, cleanse me and cover me with the righteousness of Jesus that I have been given in exchange for my sin. 

Father, I also want my home and family to be filled with Your peace.  Fill my home with Your peace and presence.  Let it be palpable to all who enter my home.  I pray for every family member to come into alignment with You and Your ways so they, too, can walk and live in peace.
Prince of Peace rule in my home and family. Rule in me. I want a whole and peaceful life.

Father, I ask this in the name of Your Son, Jesus.  

still following,

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  1. Beautiful words of prayer to our loving Father. Couldn't help but notice the cross in your photo!


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