Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Stop Complaining and Start Praying

By: Jenifer Metzger

Complaints. We all have them, we all hear them. We complain about the traffic, customer service, waiting in line, politics, and more. Turn on Facebook and within minutes you'll read dozens of complaints.

What if instead of complaining, we started praying?

What if we used those moments to turn to God? Instead of complaining about our President or country we pray for our President and country. Instead of complaining about sitting in traffic we use that time to lift up the needs of loved ones. Instead of complaining about the poor customer service you are receiving you pray for the customer service rep.

The Bible has plenty to say about complainers.

Brothers and sisters, do not complain about one another,
so that you will not be judged. Look, the judge stands at the door!
James 5:9

Do everything without grumbling and arguing.
Philippians 2:14

 Jesus answered them, “Stop complaining among yourselves."
John 6:43

Today I challenge you to view those moments as prayer prompts. When something arises and you feel the urge to complain, instead pray.

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  1. OH, mercy! If I prayed instead of complaining, I would certainly be logging in some pretty good time with Jesus. Thanks for this challenge today!

    1. Yes, we surely would be logging in some good time! Thanks for stopping by Michele!

  2. Thank you for challenging us all to pray more and complain less!

  3. This is convicting. It's so easy to feel that we just *have* to vent. But we don't. We should view all these as opportunities to pray.

    1. Venting is so easy, unfortunately. May we instead find praying easy! Thanks for stopping in Barbara!


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