Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Lord goes before you...

Life is always changing. None of us can predict what will be around the next bend on life's journey.   One of the best things about growing older is being able to look back and see how the Lord went before you, paving and preparing the way when you couldn't see what was up the road ahead. With the hindsight that the passing of time affords, I can clearly see that there was never a bend in the road of my life that God didn't see coming. He was always in front of me making preparations for what I would need for the next part of the journey.

There are times when it seems like there isn't just a bend in the road ahead, there is an insurmountable obstacle. Thankfully, the God of the impossible is always marching before you. There is no obstacle, no impossible circumstance in your life, that has caught Him by surprise. When I've faced circumstances in my life that I couldn't see a way through, and there have been a few of those, God has always, always, always, been faithfully near and seen me through to the other side. He has never let me go or forsaken me, in spite of how my emotions may have tried to tell me otherwise in the middle of my mess.

What bend or obstacle in the road are you facing today?  Maybe there are life changes ahead that you can't quite see how they are going to work out - going off to college, a job change, another baby on the way, facing the empty nest years, a move, retirement. Maybe it's an obstacle that you can't see the way through - financial problems, health problems, relational problems. Don't let fear, depression, or dismay break your spirit and blind you to the One Who is going before you. Ask God to reassure you of His nearness. Ask Him to reveal His footsteps going before you so that you can follow Him out and through. If you could use some prayer support, just leave us a simple comment, "Facing some changes." or "Facing an obstacle." It would be our joy to pray for you.

still following,

Currently, a boys soccer team and their coach are trapped in a cave in Thailand. When they were deep in the cave, monsoon rains came and water filled the cave trapping them on a bit of high ground within. At this time, there seems to be no way out and no way through. Today I read an article that said that there could be other openings to the cave hidden in the dense jungle undergrowth. No one knows for sure. No one knows where the openings could be. (But, God does doesn't He? Could you join me in praying for a miracle-that the God of the impossible would make a way where there seems to be no way?)


  1. Thank you for this reminder that no matter how difficult my obstacles may be the Lord is always walking before me...clearing the path.

  2. praying for the rest of those boys right now! And my obstacle are real but I'm trying to faithfully lift them to God who doesn't know what an obstacle is. Thanks for your encouraging words!

  3. Yes, He paves the way ahead of us and praying He makes a way of escape.

  4. a few tears here as i've been desiring prayers for tomorrow when i plan to drop in on my daughter's ex-boyfriend, who was recently awarded custody of my 3 grandchildren who had been in foster care for 5 years, while their mother (my daughter) has struggled with mental illness. a heart wrenching trial for me & now i am trying to re-establish a relationship with the father & the children, whom i haven't seen in 5 years. i have no idea how i will be received, but i believe God is leading me.thank you Elizabeth (my daughter is named Elizabeth also). God bless you, praying the soccer team will survive. love, in Jesus, cynthia


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