Monday, July 16, 2018

Ten Ways to Be Kind

By: Jenifer Metzger

In Ephesians Paul doesn't suggest that we are kind. He doesn't tell us it's a good idea or nice thing to do. He just says to do it. Be kind. A simple command. A command that is also a fruit of the Spirit, something we need to cultivate to be Christ-like.

How can we be kind? How can we show compassion? Here are ten ways to be kind:

• Respond with patience when your husband or child is having a rough day
• Respond with gentleness when a stranger is rude
• Respond with self control when tempted to judge someone
• Forgive easily
• Invite someone to your home for coffee or dinner
• Offer to babysit, for free, for a single parent or parent battling health issues, just to give them a break
• Cook a meal for a working mom, then tell her to swing by after work to pick it up or deliver it
• That person at work or church who seems a loner, invite them to lunch or out for coffee
• That lady at church or in your neighborhood who seems stressed, buy/make her a coffee and drop it at her door with a kind note
• Go out of your way to say hi to someone you don't normally talk to

What are other ways you can go above and beyond and show kindness? Share in the comments.

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  1. Good morning, I think this is so important... just be kind. So many of us are on the verge of tears. Broken hearts,spirits,finances,friends,family,illness.. I really do try to lift others up. In fact I think it may be my special calling�� I love telling someone they look awesome,or that I love their beautiful skin,or just that I’m glad to see them. So many times I have been crushed and had friends of mine lift me up. But what about those who don’t have friends? And I was that person too. We need to assume that everyone needs a boost of joy! God gives me a loving hug constantly,but as humans we need the love and caring of others.No, we can’t be all things,but we can be one thing..kind. Just for that moment. It brings me such joy to show �� love. Penny


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